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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: Commit 25c8cee01a450ee924fe108cafe54b046485ab2b broke Vmware on Master
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 00:07:02 GMT
Then we need to clearly define the semantic of parameter "vlanId" of
HypervisorHostHelper.prepareNetwork is indeed the vlan Id string, not
other format. The invoker method should pass the correct one to this
utility to make it work.


On 11/7/13 3:43 PM, "Daan Hoogland" <> wrote:

>Doesn't sound like a guarantee, If the stack is build otherwise there
>might come in a different (non-integer-representing) string.
>On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 6:08 PM, Min Chen <> wrote:
>> Yes. From callstack,
>> BroadcastDomainType.getValue(BroadcastDomainType.fromString(vlanId) is
>> already called before going to that routine.
>> Thanks
>> -min
>> On 11/7/13 1:51 AM, "Daan Hoogland" <> wrote:
>>>H Min,
>>>Your fix will work if you can guarantee that the String passed is a
>>>integer. if it has the chance of being in the form of for instance
>>>vlan://<some_number> , you should use:
>>>vid =
>>>On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 3:25 AM, Min Chen <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Daan,
>>>> Your commit
>>>> broke Vmware advanced zone setup on Master, where system vm starts
>>>> with "NumberFormatException", see details in
>>>> I fixed this
>>>> bug (commit 94f9b31c9a4c7ae67feabbe16d2ea753e3183289) by reverting
>>>> your change on HypervisorHostHelper method, but not sure if there is
>>>> side effect on your another functionality fixed in your commit. Can
>>>> please review to make sure that it is ok?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -min

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