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From sebgoa <>
Subject Re: [Question] CloudStack support tool: cloud-bugtool
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 15:01:09 GMT

On Oct 25, 2013, at 7:57 AM, Gavin Lee <> wrote:

> Unlike the CS4.2 release notes say, I could not find cloud-bugtool in
> source tree or installed/upgrade CS4.2 platform.
> This script can only be found in CloudPlatform 4.2.
> I think the support tool like this is very helpful, does anyone know the
> detailed info?
> Thanks!

Gavin, I don't know anything about this tool, first time I hear about it.
But Google knows about it:

And it seems that anyone can download this script. As far as I know this is not part of the
CloudStack source code.
Having a quick look at it, I don't think it will work for cloudstack 4.2+ because the package
renaming…but it should be an easy fix.

That said, you are right that this is mentioned in the release notes.
It was not in 4.1, so I suspect this was introduced in 4.2.
since we moved the docs over to a separate repo, the 'git blame' shows David Nalley has the
author, so I cannot track who introduced this to ask for help.

Can you enter an issue in JIRA ?
We need either to clean the release notes or see how to get this cloud-bugtool in the code...


> -- 
> Gavin

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