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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: LXC and SSVM/CPVM on the host
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 05:24:00 GMT
As far as I understand, in an LXC scenario, the system vms are expected to
run on real hypervisors.
You can always use the QuickCloud way to not use system vms at all.

On 10/21/13 1:45 PM, "Francois Gaudreault" <>

>Ok I think we have to look at this further. I'll stop hijacking other
>I am trying to get the SSVM/CPVM to run on a LXC host. The SSVM/CPVM
>starts, get IPs, but then CloudStack kill them for some reason. Yes, I
>use the 4.2 images :
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,605 DEBUG [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentManager-Handler-9:null) SeqA 73--1: Processing Seq 73--1:  { Cmd ,
>MgmtId: -1, via: 73, Ver: v1, Flags: 111,
>[{"":{"reason":"sig.kill","wait":0}}] }
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,605 INFO  [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentManager-Handler-9:null) Host 73 has informed us that it is
>shutting down with reason sig.kill and detail null
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,606 INFO  [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentTaskPool-11:null) Host 73 is disconnecting with event
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,609 DEBUG [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentTaskPool-11:null) The next status of agent 73is Disconnected,
>current status is Up
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,609 DEBUG [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentTaskPool-11:null) Deregistering link for 73 with state Disconnected
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,609 DEBUG [agent.manager.AgentManagerImpl]
>(AgentTaskPool-11:null) Remove Agent : 73
>2013-10-21 16:19:21,609 DEBUG [agent.manager.ConnectedAgentAttache]
>(AgentTaskPool-11:null) Processing Disconnect.
>I transferred the host to KVM, and now the same SSVM/CPVM images are
>running fine for the last 30min ( so I assume it works fine...).
>Something seems to be wrong with the LXC side :S
>Anyone wants to invest some time to troubleshoot? I'll open a ticket also.
>Francois Gaudreault
>Architecte de Solution Cloud | Cloud Solutions Architect
>- - -
>420 rue Guy
>Montréal QC  H3J 1S6

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