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From "La Motta, David" <>
Subject Re: AWS API in CloudStack
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 18:54:30 GMT
Got it.  I am not going to RTFM myself, but just might!


Thanks, Sebastien.

David La Motta
Technical Marketing Engineer - Citrix Solutions | NetApp
Direct: 1.919.476.5042

On 10/14/13 2:36 PM, "Sebastien Goasguen" <> wrote:

>Cloudstack has a native api which is not a standard (only occi and cimi
>are ).
>Recognizing early that aws ec2 is the de facto std we provide a mapping
>between ec2/ebs and our native api.
>The aim is to be fully compliant so that ec2 tools can be used
>transparently against a cloudstack cloud running the aws mapping
>(separate package to install on mgt server).
>Its probably not fully compliant so be warned.
>On 14 Oct 2013, at 20:25, "La Motta, David" <>
>> log/blog/apache-cloudstack-aws-for-every-man/
>> Forgot the link! Sorry.
>> On 10/14/13 2:14 PM, "La Motta, David" <> wrote:
>>> Hello, folks.  In reading this article (), I found this:
>>> "Interestingly, Apache CloudStack will follow a dual-API strategy.
>>> the project will maintain compatibility with the familiar AWS API,
>>> allows users to leverage tool sets built to work with AWS. Love it or
>>> it, the AWS API is rapidly becoming the lingua franca of the cloud
>>> The AWS API has limitations, however, and so the Apache CloudStack
>>> will also expose advanced functionality that is not covered by the AWS
>>> through a parallel CloudStack API. Users can choose whichever API is
>>> convenient and even use both for different reasons at the same time."
>>> Ć which is great.  Is this still valid?  How can I differentiate between
>>> one type of API or another?
>>> The question comes from the use case of having CloudStack on-premise,
>>> later migrating to AWS, but keeping the same APIs.  In other words, the
>>> use case is to make use of the AWS API flavor so migration from
>>> to Amazon is transparent.
>>> Could somebody shed some light in this department?
>>> Thanks!
>>> David La Motta
>>> Technical Marketing Engineer - Citrix Solutions | NetApp
>>> Direct: 1.919.476.5042

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