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From Kelven Yang <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Checked Exceptions
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:59:24 GMT

On 10/14/13 10:29 AM, "Darren Shepherd" <>

>I'm going through and updating all the code to use what I had proposed
>with Transaction management.  This has uncovered more fun issues
>around exception handling.  Well, not an issue per say, but just
>pointed out the ridiculous amount of checked exceptions in method

>I generally follow the "avoid checked exceptions at all
>costs" camp. 

+1, I'm in this group too. Although using checked exception to represent
business logic in non-normal flow, it is quite intrusive to all the
callers above it. I prefer to handle business flow with regular
error/result objects, and follow a well-documented convention to handle
run-time exception (which you have to handle anyways). IMO, this practice
can help make code more cleaner, although some people may argue that
exception handling may not be that explicit.


> The majority of the time the caller is forced to catch
>some checked exception, but then doesn't know what to do with it, so
>the exception handling is not correct.  Pretty much the only time I
>typically use checked exceptions is with IOException and its
>subclasses.  Basically when you are calling some method, if that
>method does I/O, you should know as the caller because bad stuff
>happens with I/O.
>I'd like to transition ACS to more unchecked exceptions eventually.
>At the moment, I've found two exceptions that I'd really like to
>change to be unchecked.  Those are InsufficientCapacityException and
>ConcurrentOperationException.  Would anybody have an objection to me
>changing those exceptions to be unchecked?  I might find more as
>things go along, but those two are causing a bunch of problems for me.
> The change will just be moving from "extends CloudException" to
>"extend CloudRuntimeException."

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