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From Santhosh Edukulla <>
Subject RE: Http connection failure in marvin
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:32:41 GMT

Thanks for the bug. Few notes below.

1/ Can you please add the server GET\POST calls with params received at the server information
to the bug? This will help to know for which GET/POST call this issue has appeared?

2/ Under tools/marvin/marvin/, there is a member function "request"
under cloudConnection class. If this exception is appearing quiet a good number of times.
Can you please add this specific exception( BadStatusLine ) to be caught and collect few specific
information for request sent,response recieved when that exception is caught in your next
run? The total url with args and body to be dumped etc in a file?

3/  We are using requests library to make http calls under marvin, it seems there is a way
to enable debug information for this library, check the below link. Please enable  the debug
information for this library and run the tests again to see by catching the complete request
payload when this specific exception is raised.

# these two lines enable debugging at httplib level (requests->urllib3->httplib)
# you will see the REQUEST, including HEADERS and DATA, and RESPONSE with HEADERS but without
# the only thing missing will be the response.body which is not logged.
import httplib
httplib.HTTPConnection.debuglevel = 1

4/ One of the link suggests a trailing new line character for the request as the cause for
this issue. Adding complete server calls and debug information will  help to debug more i

Check above and you can get more information for this issue to delve further.

From: Girish Shilamkar []
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 3:01 AM
Subject: Re: Http connection failure in marvin

Lets track this issue here


On 16-Oct-2013, at 11:30 AM, Prasanna Santhanam <> wrote:

> httplib is used indirectly through requests. I'd try reproduce this
> by throttling 1000s of requests through a single mgmt server. It is
> intermittent because the mgmt server is probably loaded when you hit
> it and possibly producing an invalid/empty response.

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