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From Marcus Sorensen <>
Subject regions
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 22:58:00 GMT
I'm looking for more information on use cases for regions. I've been through:

And I've set up two management servers as separate regions. From what
I can tell, I'm not sure why I'd want to use it.  1) accounts need to
be replicated manually, and 2)I can't make an API call to one MS to
deploy in another region (or at least I don't see a documented way to
do this). Between those two limitations, it means I could also set up
two standalone management servers and they'd function the same, aside
from the slight UI change of having another region listed in the UI. I
realize there are GSLB and portable IP features, but they're not
mentioned in the functional spec. I'm just looking for the differences
from a management perspective and I don't see much.

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