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From Kishan Kavala <>
Subject [Proposal] Improve VR upgrades
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2013 11:47:57 GMT
During CS upgrade, VRs are required to be upgraded to use newer systemVm template . 
The current VR upgrade procedure has following limitations:
 - takes 'long' time and the time exponentially increases with the size of the cloud
- no way to sequence upgrade of different parts of the cloud, i.e., specific clusters or pods
or even zones
- there is no way to determine when a particular customer's services (e.g. VR) will be upgraded
with the upgrade interval

Goals for this feature are to address the above issues

1. Give admin control to sequence the upgrade of the cloud by:
       - Infrastructure hierarchy: by Cluster, Pod, and Zone etc.
       - Administrative hierarchy: by Tenant or Domain 
2. Minimize service interruption to users
3. Improve the speed of the upgrade time by making as many upgrade operations in parallel
as possible

I've created JIRA ticket:


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