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From "SuichII, Christopher" <>
Subject Re: StrategyPriority changes w/ Spring Changes
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:03:32 GMT
It looks like the changes from us didn’t make it through your merge at all. I should have
been more clear in my review - there are logic changes that needed to be carried from my changes
into yours, not simply a rebase. I will work on those changes and try to get a patch up shortly.

Chris Suich
NetApp Software Engineer
Data Center Platforms – Cloud Solutions
Citrix, Cisco & Red Hat

On Oct 23, 2013, at 3:52 PM, Darren Shepherd <> wrote:

> Chris, Edison,
> You guys just committed 'Support Revert VM Disk from Snapshot.'  At
> the same time I was merging both my txn-refactor and
> spring-modularization branches.  They are really tricky merges and
> each time I have to rebase it takes awhile to figure out.  Anyhow,
> your change + my changes breaks master.  So I quickly rebased rb14823
> and committed to master.  rb14823 is the patch that makes the Storage
> Strategies work with my spring work plus clean up some things.
> Additionally I found out you can't inject List<SnapshotStrategy> to
> the Snapshot object, so we really have to go with my change to
> centralize the ownership of the strategies to a single class.
> Can you please pull master and revalidate that I didn't break
> anything, if its not too much of a pain.
> Thanks,
> Darren

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