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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Breaking out Marvin from CloudStack
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2013 20:42:12 GMT
Yeah...I'm more amendable to this proposal.  I just don't see tests being separated from the
source release.  In fact, I see a lot of problems with matching versions and releases.

I still question the value of separating out a framework where both ends (tests and the server
it tests) stay in the same repo but I guess there should be no harm.  I do think our time
can be better spent elsewhere (for example, writing the tests) but, if others see it as necessary,
I wouldn't be against it.

I can do what you said now.  To me that's more or less maven changes and build changes.  Not
a repo/separate release question.


> IMO, we should consider Marvin the "framework" to be the thing to break
> out, and the tests should be different from the framework.
> Now that leads to the question: to test or not to test (in the main repo)?
> I'd suggest that *tests* belong in the main repo, because they are tied to the
> software's capabilities and versions.
> The Marvin framework, on the other hand, since the re-work that Prasanna
> did, is mostly distinct (and uses API discovery).
> Anyone else agree?

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