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From Travis Graham <>
Subject Re: [ACS43] [DISCUSS] Release management tasks up for grabs
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2013 00:33:45 GMT

I'm volunteering to help out with the docs. I've put a hold on fixing things until there's
a Review Board in place for cloudstack-docs to make it easier to submit patches.


On Oct 11, 2013, at 7:01 PM, Animesh Chaturvedi <> wrote:

> Folks 
> As per the thread [1] release management for CloudStack is complex and runs into many
tasks and it is hard for one person to do it all.
> While I am taking the overall release management for 4.3 release there are several areas
where we need volunteers:
> I have put down my thoughts please review and refine as appropriate. 
> # Review board management#
> - Context: We are lagging severely behind on the reviews of the patches submitted and
have around 100 pending reviews
> - Task Duties:
>   * Periodically check on review board [2] for pending reviews
>   * If reviewers are not called out for the patch direct the submitter to our component
maintainers page [3] and help identify the appropriate reviewer
>   * Follow up with submitter if they have not responded to review comments in 5 days
>   * Follow up with reviewers if they have not attended to reviews where they are called
>   * Reminders can be sent out by either replying to review emails or adding comments
in review board for the patches
>   * Check if a reviewer is overloaded with many pending reviews and call out in mailing
list that another reviewer to help out is needed
>   * Remind the submitter if the BugId, targeted branch is missing
>   * Remind the submitter to close out the review when the patch has been accepted and
submitted in the appropriate branch
>   * Close out the review if it submitter for some reason is not able to close it out
(Administrator privilege is needed) 
>   * More details are mentioned in Review board guidelines [4]
> - We probably need two volunteers one for code contribution and one for test patches
> # Documentation management#
> During ACS 4.2 several folks raised questions on insufficient or incorrect documentation,
this is an area where we need multiple volunteers to come forward and help fix documentation
> # Jira issues management #
> As per thread [5] as community now we have agreed to assign issues. There are few things
that need to be done to keep the number of unassigned issues  to a manageable number:
> 1. Refine our component list
> 2. Make the primary maintainers the owners of the components in JIRA, so that new issues
for the components go to the primary maintainers first instead of being unassigned. 
> 3. Check with INFRA if a workflow can be setup where if an assigned issue is not change
to InProgres in a week it goes back to un-assigned or to primary maintainer of the component
(whichever the community prefers)
> Workflow:
> 1. The primary maintainers can redistribute the issues to other community members
> 2. If the assignee can fix the issue promptly they should change the status to "In Progress"
indicating that issue is being worked on
> 3. If for whatever reason the assignee is not able to fix the issue they should either
un-assign or ask someone else to pick up the issue.
> Bug triage:
> The more hands we can get for bug triage the better it would be so if you want to help
out please step up.
> # Release announcement preparation #
> When we are ready to release there are several activities that need to be done and we
need help.
> * Preparing release statement
> * Preparing press plan
> * Building docs
> * Publishing docs to the site
> I am sure I may have omitted few important activities feel free to add them to the list
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]	
> [5]
> Thanks
> Animesh
> Committer Apache CloudStack

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