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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: VmWare SDK to vijava
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 20:16:10 GMT
This is the code snippet from the bundled with Vmware SDK:

if [ "x${1}" != "x-w" ]
   echo Generating vim25 stubs from wsdl

   if [ -d "com/vmware/vim25" ]
      rm -rf com/vmware/vim25
   mkdir -p com/vmware/vim25
   cp -f ../../../wsdl/vim25/*.* com/vmware/vim25/

   ${JAVAHOME}/bin/wsimport -wsdllocation ${WSDLLOCATION25} -p
com.vmware.vim25 -s . ${WSDLFILE25}

   ## fix VimService class to get the wsdl from the vim25.jar
   ${JAVAHOME}/bin/java -classpath ${CLASSPATH}:${SAMPLEJARDIR}
FixJaxWsWsdlResource ./com/vmware/vim25/

   find ./com/vmware/vim25 -depth -name '*.java' -print > vim25_src.txt
   echo Done generating vim25 stubs. Compiling vim25 stubs.
   ${JAVAHOME}/bin/javac -J-Xms1024M -J-Xmx1024M -classpath
${CLASSPATH}:${SAMPLEJARDIR} @vim25_src.txt

   find ./com/vmware/vim25 -depth -name '*.class' -print > vim25_class.txt
   ${JAVAHOME}/bin/jar cf ${SAMPLEJARDIR}/vim25.jar @vim25_class.txt
com/vmware/vim25/*.wsdl com/vmware/vim25/*.xsd

   rm -f com/vmware/vim25/*.wsdl com/vmware/vim25/*.xsd
   rm -f vim25_src.txt vim25_class.txt

   echo Done compiling vim25 stubs.

Look for the line with FixJaxWsWsdlResource.


On 9/23/13 1:08 PM, "Darren Shepherd" <> wrote:

>How'd you know about the post processing?  I generated the stubs and it
>compile perfectly and ACS compile against the stubs too.  I have no clue
>if it work as I never ran it though.  One thing I ran into was that you
>had to generate for jaxws 2.1.
>> On Sep 23, 2013, at 11:25 AM, Min Chen <> wrote:
>> When I upgraded vmware sdk from 4.x to 5.1 before, I looked into the
>> script used by Vmware published SDK. It seems that besides normal jawxs
>> generated client stubs from wsdl, Vmware sdk published build script has
>> another post processing done on class generated. The
>> processing class has no source code, only binary bundled with Vmware
>> If we want to generate client stubs ourselves from WSDL, we may need to
>> delve in to see why that post processing is needed for
>> Thanks
>> -min
>>> On 9/22/13 7:59 PM, "Darren Shepherd" <>
>>> I was looking at the vmware jar and realized it's just a jaxws
>>> client stubs.  I'm sure this has been discussed before, so I'm curious
>>> we can't just download the wsdl and generate the stubs ourselves?  I
>>> assume
>>> we can't distribute the wsdl's, so we can just check in the java code
>>> minus
>>> the wsdl.  That should work fine at runtime.  I downloaded the sdk and
>>> generated the client with the below command and its 100% compatible
>>> the vim25.jar
>>> ~/Downloads/apache-cxf-2.7.6/bin/wsdl2java -frontend jaxws21 -p
>>> com.vmware.vim25 vim25/vimService.wsdl
>>> Darren
>>>> On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 4:09 AM, Hugo Trippaers <>
>>>> Hey all,
>>>> This is something we wanted to do for a long time, but never got
>>>> as far as i know. With some time on my hands i've made some progress
>>>> this. I just pushed the branch vmwaresdk-to-vijava to git. In this
>>>> branch
>>>> i've changed the poms to use the vijava library (version 5.1) and i've
>>>> started fixing all resulting compile errors.
>>>> It is not a complete drop in replacement, but apparently just enough
>>>> make it work with a few changes. The major issues i've encountered so
>>>> far
>>>> by working my way through are
>>>> * changes to enums, slightly different naming convention for the
>>>> * vijava used arrays where vmware sdk uses lists
>>>> * changes names of exceptions.
>>>> I've fixed all compile issues in at the moment
>>>>and i
>>>> will keep at it. If somebody want to pitch in, feel free. Just pick a
>>>> file
>>>> with compile errors and fix it :-)
>>>> So far i've not focussed on the potential benefits of the vijava
>>>> library,
>>>> let's get it compiling first so we can do some testing with the new
>>>> library.
>>>> Is anybody planning some major work on the vmware stuff in CS? If you
>>>> do,
>>>> please let me know, so we can coordinate otherwise this will be a
>>>> bother to
>>>> merge into master eventually. ;-)
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Hugo

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