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From Kelven Yang <>
Subject Re: what do you do if your mshost mac changes?
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 20:53:45 GMT

On 9/9/13 12:07 PM, "Darren Shepherd" <> wrote:

>I just ran into this.  For whatever reason my box listed eth2 before
>eth0 for "ifconfig -a" so it looked like management server mac changed.
>  Then nothing worked...

It is supposed to work if you are sure a previous running MS java process
is killed and the IP associated is still valid for the setup. A mac change
will cause CloudStack to think there is another MS node is UP, however, it
will try to detect if there is any other node which is currently using the
MS IP, it may do self-fencing to shut itself down if a previous running MS
java process is still running there.

The only requirement for it to work is that, mac address can be changed,
but the associated IP should be valid to the setup


>I finally just hacked up the code to get it to
>work again.
>So whats the real procedure if you do a chassis swap and your management
>server MAC addr changes?  How does cloudstack deal with that?

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