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From Venkata SwamyBabu Budumuru <>
Subject Re: Passing vlan parameter to "createPortableIpRange"
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2013 04:57:36 GMT
Passing a vlan id or not doesn't matter as long as your infra is
configured accordingly. The only thing that user should not do and CS is
allowing is  passing the same public ip range in different vlans.

On 05/09/13 9:52 AM, "Girish Shilamkar" <> wrote:

>Hi Swamy,
>Thanks for setting up a call, the other day, we were able resolve this
>issue quickly.
>In what scenario would  vlan id be passed? How does passing vlan id
>change/affect Portable IP range to be created ?
>I am guessing that Portable IP range created would be within IP range
>assigned for the vlan. (which as of now does not work)
>On 05-Sep-2013, at 9:41 AM, Venkata SwamyBabu Budumuru
><> wrote:
>> Hi Gaurav,
>> The VLAN parameter is not mandatory. Depending on your environment you
>> either pass a VLAN tag / untagged one.
>> We have updated our documents about the issue with adding same ip range
>> across portable and public VLANs. This is punted for 4.2.1.
>> Thanks,
>> On 04/09/13 8:26 PM, "Gaurav Aradhye" <>
>>> Hi Swamy,
>>> As observed, if portable ip range is created with IPs overlapping with
>>> of the existing public ip ranges, then it gives "Entity already exists"
>>> error while associating any portable ip from the created range. (But it
>>> doesn't give any error while creating portable ip range in this case)
>>> The question is if we can't use IPs from existing VLANs, why to pass
>>> parameter while creating portable ip range? Keeping the default value
>>> "untagged" serves the purpose and works well. I didn't get this well.
>>> Can you please explain me the how we can use vlan ids to while creating
>>> portable range and still get it work correctly?
>>> Regards,
>>> Gaurav

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