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From Darren Shepherd <>
Subject LocalHostEndPoint seems to get called
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 19:37:53 GMT
While I'm doing development and restarting things and what not, it
seems often storage commands get routed to LocalHostEndPoint.  This
seems bad.  I don't have sudo setup for my user on my laptop, so
things like "Unable to create local folder for:
/mnt/secStorage/64d6e26f-e656-3ba3-908f-ce6610ede011 in order to mount
nfs://" fail.  But the bigger problem
is, shouldn't that not happen at all.  It seems like in a normal setup
it should never try to use LocalHostEndpoint.  Do I have some setting
flipped that is enabling that?

Seems like with the current code you might accidentally mount
secondary to the management server if the conditions are right...


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