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From Indra Pramana <>
Subject Database upgrade
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 04:48:38 GMT
Dear all,

During my (failed) upgrade attempt from CloudStack 4.1.1 to 4.2.0 early
this week, I noted that CloudStack management server will automatically
detect the database version and upgrade the database automatically.

2013-09-24 02:23:48,145 INFO  [utils.component.ComponentContext]
(Timer-1:null) Running SystemIntegrityChecker managementServerNode
2013-09-24 02:23:48,145 INFO  [utils.component.ComponentContext]
(Timer-1:null) Running SystemIntegrityChecker databaseUpgradeChecker
2013-09-24 02:23:48,145 INFO  [cloud.upgrade.DatabaseUpgradeChecker]
(Timer-1:null) Grabbing lock to check for database upgrade.
2013-09-24 02:23:48,147 DEBUG [upgrade.dao.VersionDaoImpl] (Timer-1:null)
Checking to see if the database is at a version before it was the version
table is created
2013-09-24 02:23:48,154 INFO  [cloud.upgrade.DatabaseUpgradeChecker]
(Timer-1:null) DB version = 4.1.1 Code Version = 4.2.0
2013-09-24 02:23:48,154 INFO  [cloud.upgrade.DatabaseUpgradeChecker]
(Timer-1:null) Database upgrade must be performed from 4.1.1 to 4.2.0
2013-09-24 02:23:48,154 DEBUG [cloud.upgrade.DatabaseUpgradeChecker]
(Timer-1:null) Running upgrade Upgrade410to420 to upgrade from 4.1.0-4.1.1
to 4.2.0
2013-09-24 02:23:48,159 DEBUG [utils.script.Script] (Timer-1:null) Looking
for db/schema-410to420.sql in the classpath
2013-09-24 02:23:48,160 DEBUG [utils.script.Script] (Timer-1:null) System
resource: file:/usr/share/cloudstack-management/setup/db/schema-410to420.sql
2013-09-24 02:23:48,160 DEBUG [utils.script.Script] (Timer-1:null) Absolute
path =  /usr/share/cloudstack-management/setup/db/schema-410to420.sql

My questions:

(1) Am I right to say that this database check and upgrade is done when the
cloudstack-management 4.2.0 service is started? It's not performed during
the installation/upgrade of the cloudstack-management app (in my case,
apt-get install cloudstack-management)?

(2) I used a new set of disk for my upgrade attempt by cloning the existing
disk to a new one (using dd), and perform the upgrade on the new disk. When
I failed the upgrade attempt, I just reverted back to the old disk and
restore the database (which is hosted on a different server). The new set
of disk is still containing the new 4.2.0 of cloudstack-management app

To perform another upgrade attempt, can I just boot-up using the new set of
disk (instead of re-cloning and re-doing the upgrade)? Will it again detect
that the existing database is still version 4.1.1, and will automatically
upgrade the database to version 4.2.0 when the service is started?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you.


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