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From Marcus Sorensen <>
Subject community testing
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 06:02:59 GMT
CloudStack Dev,
    I was emailed about some of the testing questions I brought up
over the last few threads, and a few things were pointed out to me
that I think we should try to remedy.  Primarily, that the testing
environment is owned by Citrix, the QA team is primarily Citrix-run,
and the testing done is focused on the use models that Citrix
    I've been assured that the test infrastructure is for everyone,
and I'm not at all trying to say that there's a problem with Citrix
focusing their work on their own interests, but I'm not sure that
anyone outside of Citrix really knows how to add their own stuff to
this testing infrastructure (perhaps for lack of trying, I don't
    I haven't really put together enough thought to know how to tackle
this, but my gut tells me that we need some sort of community-owned
testing roll-up, where everyone can do their own testing in whatever
infrastructure and submit hourly, daily, weekly results. If my test
fits into the Citrix test infrastructure and I can figure out how to
get it there, great. If not, I can roll my own and integrate it via
some API. For example the SolidFire guys may wan to run automated
regression testing. That probably won't be doable in the Citrix
infrastructure, but they may want to script a daily
git-pull/build/deploy zone/create volume and it seems logical that
we'd want to support it.
    Thoughts? Anyone have experience with such things? Can we have a
master/slave scenario with Jenkins? Perhaps the Citrix environment
already supports something like this via Jenkins API?

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