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From Marcus Sorensen <>
Subject storage subsystem 2.0 question
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2013 04:57:11 GMT
   We've had our own storage plugins based on the 4.1 branch for
awhile now. Basically everything was done in KVM on the Agent side.
With the new storage framework in place for 4.2, I'm working on
splitting this code between Agent-specific (attach to VM, etc) and the
code that talks to the SAN apis, which should live in the new plugin.
However, I seem to be missing some functionality, namely storage
stats. In 4.1, GetStorageStatsCommand would be sent to the Agent, and
it would call _storagePoolMgr.getStoragePool, which we'd use to update
the used bytes and capacity of the storage pool.

1) with the new framework, will storage pools managed by a plugin
still call GetStorageStatsCommand?  This is less than ideal, but
better than nothing. I'd prefer to move all code that talks to the SAN
into the storage plugin and out of the KVM agent.

2) Or is there some call I can handle that I'm not noticing will
already do this in the storage plugin? I can fetch the current
size/used in the initialize, or even when hosts attach in the Listener
(which I don't see any documentation on), but I think the plugin
framework needs the equivalent of GetStorageStatsCommand if it doesn't
already have it.

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