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From sebgoa <>
Subject Re: community testing
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2013 06:58:29 GMT

On Sep 12, 2013, at 7:24 AM, Prasanna Santhanam <> wrote:

> Thanks Marcus - I wanted to work through some concrete steps for the infra now
> that we have some idea what we want to do. We should have basic product setup
> and install and a single deployvm test for all possible configurations:
> As a start can we work to setup devcloud and devcloud-kvm environments
> for jenkins? Every checkin should trigger a devcloud instance to
> spinup, start a server and run a simple deployvm test. This is done
> per-commit for the simulator but would be good to have it for devcloud
> as well. 
> Can you help with devcloud-kvm? I can help with any jenkins configurations and
> the tests themselves. If someone would like to bring up a node for devcloud as
> well that would be great. It should help everyone understand how to add
> infrastructure to jenkins for tests.

While everything happens on the mailing list, maybe we can setup a meeting to discuss this.
Google hangout ?
Anyone interested in testing could join.

Mike is west coast I believe, Prasanna is in india. Scheduling might be tough but we should
try ?


> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 11:17:42PM -0600, Mike Tutkowski wrote:
>> Yeah, I would love to get a SolidFire test suite up and running and plugged
>> into the main builds.
>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 11:15 PM, Marcus Sorensen <>wrote:
>>> I think the test infra as described is great, but I think we're
>>> hurting a little more for basics. For example, we don't need a full
>>> infrastructure with hardware to ensure that the support matrix works.
>>> I could bring up a VM with CentOS and one with Ubuntu, and test NFS,
>>> CLVM, and RBD on each. CLVM just needs a volume group, NFS can be
>>> exported locally, and RBD can run on localhost node (ceph has how-tos
>>> for this to get your feet wet, that also buys us S3 compatible object
>>> storage for testing secondary). Two VMs with maybe 2 cores, 4GB ram
>>> each, and I think we could knock out a big swath of the basic "does it
>>> work on the supported platforms" that we're missing with a very simple
>>> automated testing. We can easily donate that much.
>>> I agree that third parties would need to plug in their own testing
>>> (solid fire, as you mention). And certainly testing full blown
>>> deployment from the ground up like it sounds like we are doing is
>>> great and necessary, I just want to plug a few holes and add some
>>> basic sanity checking that we seem to keep getting tripped up on.
>>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 10:23 PM, Prasanna Santhanam <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> As Sebastien said, it's easy to get you the credentials for jenkins.
>>>> Anyone with commit rights can request for an account. In fact one is
>>>> created soon as you commit. I just need to adjust the credentials.
>>>> (We'll move to git based job configurations but later)
>>>> Citrix is unable to test various configurations for lack of necessary
>>>> resources. for eg: It would be hard to test something that requires
>>>> hardware resources like Nicira/Midokura/Solidfire. The current testbed
>>>> is also limited in that it only deploys standard zone models. I have
>>>> only one storage node to spare on which NFS is configured.
>>>> CloudStack can be deployed and configured in so many ways that I don't
>>>> think a single testbed cycling through all models is going to be
>>>> effective in testing every possible configuration in time. This is why
>>>> I'd like everyone of us to chip-in and use each others resources to
>>>> make the infrastructure better.
>>>> The RBD store at least will require sometime for us to bring up. It
>>>> would be best if we could roll a few hosts from different datacenters
>>>> up into jenkins. Object storage backed CS with something like Riak is
>>>> another untested configuration. It is definitely tested within Citrix
>>>> Labs but those testbeds are internal and cannot be exposed to the
>>>> community. We've got corporate IT which wouldn't like that very much :)
>>>> Ultimately, I'd want testbeds span across companies contributing to
>>>> cloudstack. I wouldn't want any single company X to hold the resources
>>>> and control allocation for testing even though that is not the case at
>>>> all.
>>>> We still need to figure out how securely these deployments can be
>>>> brought into jenkins and who holds keys to the infrastructure. I'm no
>>>> secure conscious sysadmin so I'm hoping for inputs from operators
>>>> deploying cloudstack.
>>>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 11:12:34AM -0600, Marcus Sorensen wrote:
>>>>> Again, I'm not knocking Citrix. If anything, the issue is that they
>>> tend to
>>>>> be so generous and community oriented that it surprises me when I find
>>> out
>>>>> that certain donation is limited to their interests. Its perfectly
>>>>> reasonable, e.g. my own donations are mostly limited to KVM.
>>>>> On Sep 11, 2013 10:52 AM, "Marcus Sorensen" <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>> I do understand that. The email I received just triggered warning
>>> bells
>>>>>> because it gave me the impression that the QA team as it stands isn't
>>>>>> testing anything that Citrix doesn't care about, regardless of what
>>> the
>>>>>> community has put on the support matrix. This includes even basic
>>> configs
>>>>>> that the community claims to support like KVM on Ubuntu as the 4.1
>>> release
>>>>>> shows, and other things that we may already have infra for but just
>>> haven't
>>>>>> implemented.
>>>>>> That led me to wondering how much control the community really has
>>> over
>>>>>> testing. Its good to know that we can roll our own nodes up into
>>> Jenkins,
>>>>>> and/or modify tests if the infrastructure is already there. We just
>>> need to
>>>>>> raise awareness as a community that there are still holes in
>>> resources and
>>>>>> a need for donations to provide the minimum testing required for
>>>>>> support matrix. I think David's email about release requirements
is a
>>> good
>>>>>> step.
>>>>>> If possible I'd like to modify the existing KVM testing to support
>>> testing
>>>>>> NFS, CLVM, and RBD. This can all be done with a single host (that
>>>>>> presumably already exists), we just need to set up the storage on
>>> host
>>>>>> and add create pool commands and volume create/delete tests. I'll
>>> have to
>>>>>> figure out how to go about getting admin rights on the KVM test hosts
>>> to
>>>>>> configure the storage types or work with someone. If we can't do
>>> due
>>>>>> to company logistics, I can easily stand up a VM or two to cover
>>> of the
>>>>>> KVM mgmt/host hypervisor and storage configs if I can figure out
>>> to
>>>>>> integrate.
>>>>>> On Sep 11, 2013 2:10 AM, "Sebastien Goasguen" <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Sep 11, 2013, at 3:02 AM, Prasanna Santhanam <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> CloudStack API actions are agnostic of underlying infrastructure
>>> and
>>>>>>>> most cases can fall into such a category as you describe.
>>> imagine
>>>>>>>> this - I want to test snapshots ..
>>>>>>>> so i take a snapshot and verify if it backedup correctly
against a
>>>>>>>> ceph object store, nfs store or iscsi store. that sort of
test is
>>>>>>>> going to involve more than just api actions.
>>>>>>>> or say - i want to test multiple shared networks a VM gets
>>>>>>>> into. Do I assume the deployment has multiple shared networks?
>>> i
>>>>>>>> add my own network into the deployment?
>>>>>>>> or even - I want to exhaust all the public network IPs and
check if
>>>>>>>> the next deployed VM picks up an IP in the new public range
>>>>>>>> added. This sort of test assumes that all the necessary networking
>>> is
>>>>>>>> in place and also hurts VM deployments of all tests that
run at the
>>>>>>>> same time.
>>>>>>>> It's a difficult balance to strike but we have to begin somewhere.
>>>>>>>> Start with the basic minimum that every infra can run. infra
>>> specifc
>>>>>>>> tests skip if thing are unsuitable, but will run for someone
>>> wants
>>>>>>>> to test that feature
>>>>>>> A small point here to make is that is
open to
>>>>>>> anyone.
>>>>>>> Prasanna has created an account for me and I am (slowly) working
>>>>>>> adding tests for clients including aws.
>>>>>>> Anyone could use this jenkins instance, bring in slaves from
>>> and
>>>>>>> setup tests?
>>>>>>> Back to the solidfire example, I think Mike could easily contribute
>>> one
>>>>>>> node that has a solidfire storage, then contribute Marvin tests
>>> would
>>>>>>> run on jenkins.c.o and target his slave specifically. Same for
KVM on
>>>>>>> Ubuntu...
>>>>>>> -sebastien
>>>>>>>> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 11:53:15PM -0700, Ahmad Emneina wrote:
>>>>>>>>> That's a good question, I'm not sure how preconditions
work with
>>>>>>>>> Marvin cases, but I know the tests are run generically.
Say I run
>>>>>>>>> copyvolumeToPrimary (not sure this test exists, hypothetical
>>> the
>>>>>>>>> moment), it gets run against a slew of infrastructure
>>> configurations
>>>>>>>>> using local storage as well as shared (NSF, iscsi, ceph...)
>>>>>>>>> ends. So just dropping my test into a storage suite should
give it
>>>>>>>>> some guarantee its hitting a few different storage back-ends.
>>> That's
>>>>>>>>> how i understand it works today, I'll defer to Prasanna
>>> Sudha...
>>>>>>>>> Or anyone else that runs tests aggressively to fill in
the gaps
>>> and
>>>>>>>>> make corrections.
>>>>>>>>> Ahmad
>>>>>>>>> On Sep 10, 2013, at 11:43 PM, Marcus Sorensen <
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> But if the test requires some sort of preconfiguration,
what then
>>>>>>> (e.g. test NFS primary storage would need a local or remote NFS
>>>>>>> configured)? do I need to roll my own, or can I touch the existing
>>> test
>>>>>>> infra and do the preconfigure?
>>>>>>>>>> On Sep 11, 2013 12:34 AM, "Prasanna Santhanam" <>
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> Yes - Once your test goes into the repo, it should
get picked
>>> in the
>>>>>>> subsequent
>>>>>>>>>>> run.
>>>>>>>>>>> Jenkins installations from various companies
can be combined
>>> into a
>>>>>>> single
>>>>>>>>>>> landing page. Jenkins itself doesn't support
master/slave but it
>>>>>>> does through
>>>>>>>>>>> the gearman plugin. It's something I have tried
using with VMs
>>> but
>>>>>>> not with
>>>>>>>>>>> real infra - but it is entirely possible.
>>>>>>>>>>> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 11:17:53PM -0700, Ahmad
Emneina wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> I think there are jenkins slaves that run
the nicera plugins
>>> on/at
>>>>>>> Schuberg
>>>>>>>>>>>> Philis housed infrastructure. The Citrix
jenkins nodes also
>>> runs as
>>>>>>> slaves
>>>>>>>>>>>> that connect back to the apache owned/controlled
jenkins. No
>>> reason
>>>>>>> why
>>>>>>>>>>>> testing infra need be so consolidated, it
just so happens no
>>> one is
>>>>>>> putting
>>>>>>>>>>>> their hardware where their mouth is.
>>>>>>>>>>>> I also assume if your marvin tests get accepted
>>> they'll be
>>>>>>>>>>>> included in the nightly runs/reports. Prasanna
correct me if
>>> I'm
>>>>>>> wrong.
>>>>>>>>>>>> On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 11:02 PM, Marcus
Sorensen <
>>>>>>>>>>>>> CloudStack Dev,
>>>>>>>>>>>>>   I was emailed about some of the testing
questions I
>>> brought up
>>>>>>>>>>>>> over the last few threads, and a few
things were pointed out
>>> to me
>>>>>>>>>>>>> that I think we should try to remedy.
 Primarily, that the
>>> testing
>>>>>>>>>>>>> environment is owned by Citrix, the QA
team is primarily
>>>>>>> Citrix-run,
>>>>>>>>>>>>> and the testing done is focused on the
use models that Citrix
>>>>>>>>>>>>> develops.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>   I've been assured that the test infrastructure
is for
>>> everyone,
>>>>>>>>>>>>> and I'm not at all trying to say that
there's a problem with
>>> Citrix
>>>>>>>>>>>>> focusing their work on their own interests,
but I'm not sure
>>> that
>>>>>>>>>>>>> anyone outside of Citrix really knows
how to add their own
>>> stuff to
>>>>>>>>>>>>> this testing infrastructure (perhaps
for lack of trying, I
>>> don't
>>>>>>>>>>>>> know).
>>>>>>>>>>>>>   I haven't really put together enough
thought to know how to
>>>>>>> tackle
>>>>>>>>>>>>> this, but my gut tells me that we need
some sort of
>>> community-owned
>>>>>>>>>>>>> testing roll-up, where everyone can do
their own testing in
>>>>>>> whatever
>>>>>>>>>>>>> infrastructure and submit hourly, daily,
weekly results. If
>>> my test
>>>>>>>>>>>>> fits into the Citrix test infrastructure
and I can figure out
>>> how
>>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>>>>>>> get it there, great. If not, I can roll
my own and integrate
>>> it via
>>>>>>>>>>>>> some API. For example the SolidFire guys
may wan to run
>>> automated
>>>>>>>>>>>>> regression testing. That probably won't
be doable in the
>>> Citrix
>>>>>>>>>>>>> infrastructure, but they may want to
script a daily
>>>>>>>>>>>>> git-pull/build/deploy zone/create volume
and it seems logical
>>> that
>>>>>>>>>>>>> we'd want to support it.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Thoughts? Anyone have experience with
such things? Can we
>>> have a
>>>>>>>>>>>>> master/slave scenario with Jenkins? Perhaps
the Citrix
>>> environment
>>>>>>>>>>>>> already supports something like this
via Jenkins API?
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