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From Darren Shepherd <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] standardize on or at least allow use of slf4j going forward
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 18:56:27 GMT
Currently all logging in ACS is done using log4j APIs.  slf4j is already 
packaged as a transitive dependency in ACS.  I propose that going 
forward we starting using slf4j APIs as opposed to log4j APIs.

For those who don't know, slf4j is a logging abstraction API.  In the 
world of java logging abstractions there are basically three frameworks 
java.util.logging (JUL), jakarta commons logging (JCL), and simple 
logging facade for java (slf4j).  Most people gravitate towards slf4j 
these days [1].  JUL isn't really that usable and JCL requires you to do 
"if (log.isDebug())" everywhere to avoid the overhead of string 

Its important to note that I'm not saying we stop using log4j.  At 
runtime log4j will be still used as the implementation, I'm merely 
talking about the API that we code against.  It's a generally good 
practice to use a logging abstraction API and its some what of shame 
that one was never put in place to start with.

At one point we can decide if we want to switch 100% to slf4j.  There is 
a utility to convert your source code from log4j to slf4j.  Right now I 
just want to "bless" using slf4j APIs as okay.


[1] Projects depending on SLF4J at

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