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From Darren Shepherd <>
Subject DatabaseUpgradeChecker and running from eclipse
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 16:58:45 GMT
So I run ACS from eclipse for development, but DatabaseUpgradeChecker 
does the following

String currentVersion = 
                 if (currentVersion == null) {
                     currentVersion = 

Which results in currentVersion = "1.6.0_45" which is the package 
version of java because the super class is java.lang.Object.  So upgrade 
fails.  So I always comment out the DatabaseUpgradeChecker.  Changing 
the super class to ManagerBase also works around the problem sorta 
(currentVersion == null, so it just does nothing).

What are others doing?  In general I want to get rid of any use of 
getImplementationVersion() as it makes development annoying.


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