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From Alex Huang <>
Subject Configuration variable changes...
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 17:20:16 GMT
As part of the work to pull apart orchestration from self service, I made some changes to how
configuration parameters work.  The problem with the current system are as follows:

- configuration variables are all stored as enums in which means plugins have
to modify a single file.  We established that to be a bad pattern in some earlier thread.
- No way to tell during upgrades whether a config variable has become useless or if the defaults
have changed.
- No way to consistently have variables be dynamically updated.
- No way to consistently migrate a global variable to a scoped variable.
- No way to use more than one type of storage (db) to store config variables.
- Some of the code are still using text strings to retrieve configuration.
- No way to consistently validate variables.  (although this is not done yet but I described
how it can be done in this new framework.)

The changes are detailed on wiki [1].  There's a detail list of todo items in
if you're interested in picking up any of the work.  The old way still works but I recommend
we move all new way for new config parameters.

If everyone reviewed it all and like how it works then we can remove the old way of how it
all works.


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