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From Kelcey Jamison Damage <>
Subject Re: Scalable Backup and Recovery
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 17:37:19 GMT
I agree this needs to be approached. I find it quite frustrating to have a VM with 4-5 volumes
and not be able to backup all 5 volumes as a set. Plus the restore operation gets messy when
you have to restore 5 volumes and re-attach them to the VM.

The user and domain sets you discuss below I can also clearly see the use for.

Thanks for starting this discussion.


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From: "Christopher SuichII" <>
To: "<>" <>
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 10:27:29 AM
Subject: Scalable Backup and Recovery

I'd like to start a discussion around the direction of scalable backup and recovery in CloudStack.
Currently, the only want to backup and recover vms is by setting up a schedule or manually
snapshotting up individual vm disks or manually snapshotting vms. Unfortunately, I don't believe
this is a very scalable solution. What if a user wants all of their vm disks to be backed
up on the same schedule? What if a domain administrator wants all of the vms in their domain
to be backed up on the same schedule or to manually backup every vm in their domain?

Here are some use cases I see for helping to scale things up:
-Scheduled and manual backup of 1 to all of a user's vms and vm disks
-Scheduled and manual backup of 1 to all of a domain's vms and vm disks (by a domain admin)
-Scheduled and manual backup of 1 to all vms and vm disks on primary storage (by a cloud admin)
- this one is tougher to find a valid use case for
-Backup schedules attached to service offerings

I know I previously started a discussion about backing up multiple vm disks at once, but I
think these use cases, broken down by user type (user, domain admin and admin), should help
clear things up and show the utility of being able to backup multiple objects at once.

Chris Suich
NetApp Software Engineer
Data Center Platforms – Cloud Solutions
Citrix, Cisco & Red Hat

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