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From Brian Federle <>
Subject RE: 404 on some .css files
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 19:30:12 GMT
Good catch, yeah the 404s are caused because those plugins do not have any .css file associated
with them. I can probably just add a few blank .css files to silence the errors, though otherwise
they are harmless.


-----Original Message-----
From: La Motta, David [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 8:43 AM
Subject: 404 on some .css files

Not sure if anybody has seen this, but I just noticed today after my nonoss build  ;-)  Could've
been there before, though.

nkey=DGLyurBUgoy5E6VuOTdDdxIIV5o%3D&_=1376494740700 401 (Unauthorized)
jquery.js:7829 <http://nimbus:8080/client/lib/jquery.js>

GET http://nimbus:8080/client/modules/infrastructure/infrastructure.css
404 (Not Found) jquery.js:5569 <http://nimbus:8080/client/lib/jquery.js>

ss 404 (Not Found) jquery.js:5569 <http://nimbus:8080/client/lib/jquery.js>

GET http://nimbus:8080/client/modules/vnmcAsa1000v/vnmcAsa1000v.css 404 (Not Found) jquery.js:5569

Just a heads up.

David La Motta
Technical Marketing Engineer - Citrix Solutions | NetApp

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