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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Changes to cloud-client-ui jetty webAppSourceDirectory and hot deploying API Plugins
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 18:28:28 GMT
Seems related to
Not sure about why the mvn repo is used. Have you tried clean install?

On 8/15/13 11:05 AM, "SuichII, Christopher" <> wrote:

>Some of you may remember a previous thread where I talked a bit about
>this, so bear with me:
>We are working on an API plugin that we would like to be hot deployable
>(not committed to source and can be deployed at any time). In a previous
>discussion, I was told that this had not been tested with CloudStack, but
>luckily it worked with no fancy tricks. This was because I could drop our
>jar into client/target/cloud-client-ui-4.2.0-SNAPSHOT/WEB-INF/lib and the
>jar would automagically get picked up on the class path.
>This changed a couple days ago. It looks like with commit
>49c9fbfb70413f86642956423c4bbba2e43d8aec this was changed to use the
>client/target/generated-webapp/ folder instead. The issue I'm running in
>to is that this jetty deployment does not have a WEB-INF/lib folder - it
>appears to use the dependencies straight from the local maven repo
>Can someone briefly explain the reasoning behind this change? I am now
>unable to hot deploy our jar to a compiled build without editing
>client/pom.xml to add an additional folder to the <extraClasspath> tag.
>This raises another question I've been meaning to ask. How is the jetty
>folder hierarchy structured when someone downloads a release build of
>CloudStack? Is there a lib folder where jars like this could be dropped,
>or is everything packaged into a single file?

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