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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: Minor changes to Marvin tests for Netscaler
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 18:06:08 GMT

On 8/14/13 9:27 PM, "Sowmya Krishnan" <> wrote:

>I am planning to modify some of the Netscaler tests
>(test_netscaler_lb_algo, test_netscaler_lb_sticky, test_netscaler_lb) in
>our integration suite to include adding of NS device in the setUpClass().
>And remove the device in tearDownClass(). Currently this is not
>consistently done across all test suites causing few of those tests to
>fail since the NS gets shared across multiple test suites.
>The only issue we might hit with this change is that if the network using
>the NS isn't cleaned up due to some reason, NS doesn't get cleaned up.
>But since we are deleting the account which created the network, I don't
>think we would run into this issue often.
>Also since adding device is covered as part of setup, I think we can
>remove the test case which separately tests adding the device. I can move
>one of the asserts done in this test to another related test.
>If this is ok, I'll make the changes and submit for review. Any comments?

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