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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: What are the new features in 4.2?
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 17:52:15 GMT
I look at Developer -> Design Documents -> 4.2

3rd Party UI Plugin
Ability to delete or archive Events and Alerts
Ability to have better control over first class objects in CS
Affinity - Anti-affinity rules
Allow specification of different VIF drivers per traffic type in KVM
Allow user provided internal VM name on hypervisor for guest VMs
Baremetal KickStart
Base Image Update facility
Build Your Own SystemVM Templates
Change account membership
Cisco VNMC integration
CloudStack Baremetal
Configurable setting to use linked clones or not on VMware
Copy of Private Host, Cluster, Pod
CPU and RAM Overcommit
Database Creator
Dedicated Resources - Private zone, pod, cluster, host
Dedicated Resources - Public IP Addresses and VLANs per Tenant
DeploymentPlanner choice via ServiceOffering
DeployVirtualMachine userdata enhancements
Disk IO statistics for instances
Dynamic scaling of CPU and RAM
Egress firewall rules - Ability to change the default
Egress firewall rules feature support for external device Juniper SRX
Enabling Storage XenMotion for XenServer
Enhanced Baremetal support on Cisco UCS
external hosted private gateways
Ability to delete Events and Alerts
Export Log Files
foreign language keyboard support
Granular Global Configuration Parameters
Integrating CS alerts via SNMP to external management system
Syslog Enhancements
VMs on hardware dedicated to a specific account
IP Range Reservation within a Network
Granular Global Config Parameters
GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing)
Implement SolidFire (storage) plug-in and expose control of IOPS to admins
and end users
Integrate Cisco ASA 1000v as a FW for CloudStack
Integration of CloudStack with VMware DVS
IP Range Reservation within a Network
Isolation in Advanced Zone using PVLANs
L4-L7 network services in shared network
LB on Shared VLANs
Limit Resources to domains and accounts
Load Balancer Health checks
Mapping model for CloudStack zone and Vmware datacenter
Marvin Refactor
Midokura Networking Plugin
Mixed Zone Management
Multiple IP address per NIC
Multiple Ip ranges FS
Multiple IP Ranges PRD
Network usage for individual virtual machine
Non contiguous vlan ranges.
Non-US Keyboard Support for Console Proxy
nTier Apps 2.0 
Optional Public IP assignment for EIP with Basic Zone
portable public IP
Private Host, Cluster, Pod
Provide full clone support for guest VMs on VMWare deployments in
PVLAN for isolation within a VLAN
RBD improvements based on new Storage subsystem
S3-based secondary Storage
Security Groups Isolation in Advanced Zone
Security Improvement to console access
SNMP Alerts feature
Storage Backup Object Store Plugin Framework
Storage subsystem 2.0
Strengthen console URL token generation
syslog enhancements
Vlan assignment to Isolated network
VM Disk IO Throttling
VM Snapshots
VMs on hardware dedicated to a specific account
VMWare Enhancements - Support for DRS and VM HA
Volume snapshot enhancements for VMware
Zone-wide primary storage target

I believe these will not make it:
Hyper-V 2012 (3.0) Support
REST API Server Architecture
VMSync improvement

On 8/6/13 10:29 AM, "Nux!" <> wrote:

>Hello guys,
>I've been trying to find a definitive "new features" for 4.2, but
>failed. Can anyone point me to the right URL or make a summary of what's
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