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From Marty Sweet <>
Subject Template Folder Path (KVM/Libvirt)
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 21:16:51 GMT
Hi all,

I've hit a problem that I have been chewing on for the past few hours. A
few months ago I changed the local storage path naming convention (examples
below) and updated the corresponding records in the cloudstack database
manually. This works great until old templates are used. I understand I
could use symlinks to resolve this issue but I would prefer to have a sane
dataset and a cleaner setup :)

--> My Physical Volumes <--
/mount/msa0-enc0-vm0 (OLD /mount/enc0-vm)
/mount/msa0-enc1-vm0 (OLD /mount/enc1-vm)

In the database there is no mention of /mount/enc0-vm or /mount/enc1-vm,
from doing a global search on all content (and by dumping the database
and grepping the output). However, libvirt still manages
to receive commands to add these templates.

virStorageBackendFileSystemRefresh:889 : internal error cannot probe
backing volume info: /mount/enc1-vm/a0932ff2-e97c-446a-85f2-42ad0fb2cab7
virStorageBackendProbeTarget:118 : internal error cannot probe backing
volume format: /mount/enc0-vm/8dc8d179-ac43-4475-812a-3bcc3e5d7b43

These UUID Paths do correspond to templates within the '*
template_spool_ref' *table which then *presumably *are linked to
`storage_pool` to pick out the folder 'path'? although this should give the
correct, new mappings. I can rule out a storage pool issue within libvirt
as I resolved that issue when I changed the naming convention and have
rechecked it.

Unlike VM `volumes`, templates don't seem to possess a folder 'path', the
only possible field I can assume is `vm_template.checksum`, which is
obviously questionable, but would explain why a plain text search for the
old volumes is returning no results.

So my question is: How does CS compose template paths and from what parts
within the cloudstack database? If these are encrypted (as I am assuming
the folder path is somewhere, what is the best way to change these values).

Thanks in advance,
Marty Sweet (Rapid2214)

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