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From Ian Duffy <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] CSS framework for CloudStack UI
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 00:18:51 GMT
+1 to that definitely!

> The only problem I cannot handle is integrating the SASS compiler (which converts .scss->.css)
into the UI build phase. I've found a maven plugin at,
so if anyone wants to tackle that  it would be awesome.

Below is a meer suggestion, I've only read about it and never done it.
I believe you are able to chain grunt into the maven life cycle. This
would allow us to do various things with the front end code. This
includes but is not limited to:

- JSHint
- Unit tests via xyz(suggesting QUnit or Jasmine) framework
- Static analysis of the javascript with Plato
- Compiling SASS + LESS
- Uglifying/Minifying
- Optimise images(png crush etc.)
- Dependency management of 3rd party js libs

It would supply us with a bunch nicer build process for the UI
elements of Cloudstack. However it would add a dependency of nodejs to
the build process.

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