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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: running BVT locally
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 15:43:41 GMT

This is possible. All the tests are under test/integration.

test/integration/smoke -> bvt
test/integration/component -> feature specific tests

I'll assume you have cloudstack setup manually and just want to fire
all the tests against this deployment. This could be your laptop from
where you have your management server running. Just open up the integration
port 8096. All tests run on 8080 but the 8096 is required for setting up
api/secret keys

Marvin [1] will drive the tests and you will need to have the latest
updated marvin libraries before you begin the tests. This ensures that
all the APIs and their corresponding libraries in marvin are synced.
Much like cloudmonkey's sync feature marvin can do a sync as well. The docs
explain this in detail.

A few caveats:
0. You need to define a sample configuration file in json. If you simply want
marvin to drive tests for you then you can use the example in
setup/dev/local.cfg and modify it to your purpose.

1.Tests depend on the network model deployed. If a test runs only
against an 'advanced' zone then it will be tagged such:

For eg: 

    @attr(tags = ["advanced"])
    def test_01_network_off_without_conserve_mode(self):
        """Test Network offering with Conserve mode off and VR - All services
When you want to run only tests that run against your defined network model
just use the attrib selector as follows:
$ nosetests --with-marvin --marvin-config=<yourconfig> -a tags="advanced" test/integration/smoke

2. Many tests also assume that shared storage is available. This is something
that we are working to fix.

3. Some tests require multiple hosts in the deployment eg: migration. But they
should automatically skip themselves if the environment is unsuitable.

Most of the details of running tests is explained in the documentation. Let me
know if anything is missing and I'll fix that up.

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 02:35:07PM +0200, Daan Hoogland wrote:
> H, (Prasanna?)
> Can I run the integration tests at Schuberg Philis' and what do I need
> to do so? If there is document on how to set up these (and smoke
> tests) can I get a link?
> You may know; I want to get some work on vpc gateways on sdn accepted.
> regards,


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