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From Kelven Yang <>
Subject [ISSUES] ArrayTypeAdatptor
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 02:44:00 GMT
When I ran a build from latest 4.1 branch, I found an issue and I'm wondering why it is not
breaking 4.1.1 builds from others, here is some of details

public class ArrayTypeAdaptor<T> implements JsonDeserializer<T[]>, JsonSerializer<T[]>

    protected Gson              _gson = null;

    private static final String s_pkg = Command.class.getPackage().getName() + ".";

    public ArrayTypeAdaptor() {


    public void initGson(Gson gson) {

        _gson = gson;



    public JsonElement serialize(T[] src, Type typeOfSrc, JsonSerializationContext context)

        JsonArray array = new JsonArray();

        for (T cmd : src) {

            JsonObject obj = new JsonObject();

            obj.add(cmd.getClass().getName().substring(s_pkg.length()), _gson.toJsonTree(cmd));



        return array;




    public T[] deserialize(JsonElement json, Type typeOfT, JsonDeserializationContext context)

    throws JsonParseException {

        JsonArray array = json.getAsJsonArray();

        Iterator<JsonElement> it = array.iterator();

        ArrayList<T> cmds = new ArrayList<T>();

        while (it.hasNext()) {

            JsonObject element = (JsonObject);

            Map.Entry<String, JsonElement> entry = element.entrySet().iterator().next();

            String name = s_pkg + entry.getKey();

            Class<?> clazz;

            try {

                clazz = Class.forName(name);

            } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

                throw new CloudRuntimeException("can't find " + name);


            T cmd = (T)_gson.fromJson(entry.getValue(), clazz);



        Class<?> type = ((Class<?>)typeOfT).getComponentType();

        T[] ts = (T[])Array.newInstance(type, cmds.size());

        return cmds.toArray(ts);



Inside ArrayTypeAdapter, it retrieves the package info from where ArrayTypeAdaatper.class
locates at run time. and it assumes that all array element object classes are also from the
same java package (up to the package detail path above the class name). Apparently we have
relocated many of classes, for example, ArrayTypeAdatper is currently at
and agent cmd classes are mostly put under now.

I'm going to remove this hard-coded assumption about the package location of ArrayTypeAdatper
class and related agent command classes. Anyone has a different idea?


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