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From Animesh Chaturvedi <>
Subject [ACS42] Unresolved Features and Improvement Tickets needs update
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 06:26:37 GMT

Now that we have passed the feature freeze date I would really like us to update these open
'new features / improvement' tickets updated. If your contribution did not make it to 4.2
branch please move out these tickets and corresponding design documents  out of 4.2 to future.

  Issue Type    Key               Assignee              Summary                          
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-240    Brian Federle         Create-Tag feature is not avialable
for VPN Customer Gateway                                 
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-337    David Nalley          Create SELinux policy for KVM agent
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-681    Devdeep Singh         Dedicate Pod, Cluster or Host to a
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-212    Dharmesh Kakadia      Switch java package structure from to org.apache                                   
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-999    Donal Lafferty        Plugin to provide Hyper-V 2012 support
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-629    edison su             Add the ability for other people to
contribute to Storage                                    
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-636    Fang Wang             API refactoring -- Annotate api cmd
classes with @ACL appropriately                          
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-723    frank zhang           Enhanced baremetal servers support
on Cisco UCS                                              
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1597   gavin lee             Convert "Storage Setup" section to
XML and update in Install Guide                           
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-738    Jessica Tomechak      Ability to manage Basic and Advanced
Zone using a single instance of CloudStack              
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-774    Jessica Tomechak      Supporting kickstart in CloudStack
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1364   Jessica Wang          UI support for baremetal DHCP server
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1365   Jessica Wang          UI support for baremetal PXE server
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1366   Jessica Wang          UI support for adding baremetal host
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-358    Joe Brockmeier        Fix PDF output for docs          
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-509    John Burwell          S3-backed Secondary Storage      
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-621    Kishan Kavala         nTier Apps 2.0 Features          
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-645    Marcus Sorensen       add/remove network on VM         
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-2367   Marcus Sorensen       VPC - allow loadbalanced network offering
on multiple tiers                                  
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-2778   Mike Tutkowski        Implement SolidFire (storage) plug-in
and expose control of IOPS to admins and end users     
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-652    Murali Reddy          High Availability: EIP enhancements
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-653    Murali Reddy          High Availability: implement GSLB
(Global Server Load Balancing) capability for ELB service  
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-2848   Murali Reddy          region ID parameter does not make
sense for GSLB, portable IP services                       
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-2850   Murali Reddy          generalize portable ip code, so that
portability can be achived for zone public IP as well   
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-967    Noa Resare            security hazard: passwordless root
sudo for cloud user                                       
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-770    Radhika Nair          documentation on nTier Apps 2.0  
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1768   Sanjay Tripathi       Ability to delete Events and Alerts:
Delete by a time period is required.                    
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1525   sebastien goasguen    Add section on how to ssh in to system
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-1456   Sheng Yang            Isolation in Advanced Zone using PVLANs
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-1779   tuna                  GSoC: Add Xen/XCP support for GRE
SDN controller                                             
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-714    Unassigned            S3-based secondary Storage - eliminating
a dependence on NFS as a buffer for object storage  
  New Feature   CLOUDSTACK-1781   Unassigned            GSoC: Create a cloud in a box using
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-3233   Unassigned            EventBus: publish messages related
to async job submit/complete/update on to event bus       
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-716    Vijay Venkatachalam   Make netscaler plugin part of apache
  Improvement   CLOUDSTACK-1191   Wido den Hollander    Implement RBD snapshotting, backups
and cloning     


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