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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject [ACS42][Request] CLOUDSTACK-1191
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 23:23:14 GMT

I'd like to request a cherry-pick for 
b611394cca1bfb3e655212701562ca8b24a61034 into 4.2

This RBD code should have already been in there, but I completely forgot 
to do so.

It changes code how the KVM Agent handles the RBD integration and it 
will enable snapshotting for RBD.

Some time ago I layed the groundwork for this with 
bef3a2edb7f23035a7d397d2d68caf6cecc0f497 with the intention to merge 
this code in earlier.

The problem is that without this new commit the RBD code will already in 
4.2 will become a problem since it creates RBD images in two different 
formats which will cause problems on the longer run.

This is part of CLOUDSTACK-1191


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