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From John Burwell <>
Subject In-Development Release Naming
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2013 18:28:37 GMT

Since we have adopted Semantic Versioning [1], it seems odd that we designate a release version
before the final set of enhancements/fixes has been identified.  For example, the release
proceeding 4.2 may contain no backwards compatible API changes to be 4.3.  Conversely, we
may decide during the development cycle, as a community, to accept a non-backwards compatible
change which would bump the version to 5.0.0.  As such, it is difficult to know in advance
what the proper semantic version number will be at when the work is released.  We run the
risk of confusing our users if we start calling a pending release say 4.3.0, and accept a
change mid-cycle that will bump it to 5.0.0.  To address this potential issue, I proposed
that we refer to releases by a codename until feature freeze when we understand the complete
scope of change and can apply the correct semantic version number.  I further propose we codename
the release directly proceeding 4.2 "Gamma Rays" or "Gamma Rays Gonna Get Ya".  


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