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From John Mark Walker <>
Subject Re: GlusterFS QEMU libgfapi
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 13:32:38 GMT
Greetings, CloudStackers. I noticed there was a question re: libgfapi as it pertains to libvirt
and QEMU.

As of last January/February, all new versions of the KVM/QEMU/libvirt/oVirt virtualization
stack have been "glusterized" and use the libgfapi client library when you specify the gluster
protocol in QEMU. 

You can see this old presentation here that goes over some of these topics:

That presentation is almost a year old and much of what was listed as in-progress is now in
an official release. 

What this integration means for you is that you should be able to spin up and manage VM images
on Gluster volumes directly through libgfapi, which bypasses the fuse mount. This is especially
useful for use cases such as VM image hosting, and the performance gains are pretty dramatic.

I've CC'd the Gluster-devel list, as well as some of the engineers who were working on the
integration. If you have specific questions, make sure to keep gluster-devel on the CC list
so that they can respond.

John Mark Walker
Gluster Community Leader

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