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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject Re: Using the ACS simulator for jclouds "live" tests - some questions. =)
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2013 15:19:52 GMT
Andrew - Firstly, apologize for the delayed response. You caught me at
a bad time when I was attempting to fix the simulator which was broken
when you sent this email. It took longer than expected to fix and get
it back in shape.

My comments are inline.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:08:20AM -0700, Andrew Bayer wrote:
> Hey all -
> So, at David Nalley's suggestion, I'm trying to run jclouds' live tests for
> ACS against a simulator instance, so that I can actually run the full
> battery of API tests (including global admin, advanced and basic
> networking, etc) without having to set up a ton of CloudStack instances. In
> a perfect world, it'd be great if there was a standalone war that used h2
> for the DB and had different flags to pass to it for different starting
> settings, but I'd be immensely happy to be able to get the following in
> place on startup (or an easy script to run to do this on top of the base
> setup):
Indeed, this is something David discussed with me and it's a great way
to run the live tests of jclouds. Right now the simulator jar is
packaged as a plugin. But there's a few spring related connections to
be made to get it to work with CloudStack installs. I'll figure out
how we can package (may be a simulator cloudstack rpm) so you can have
this running.

The simulator itself only provides the ability to mock hypervisor
commands but the setup of the network model, zone type etc needs to be
done from the outside. This can be done with the help of marvin's json
configuration commands. It's just an API driver that can set things up
for you. There are samples in our code base under
setup/dev/advanced.cfg and setup/dev/basic.cfg. The tutorial on marvin
also has this information on how to generate your own style of
deployment. [1] 


> - A hardcoded API/secret key for admin, so that I don't have to go click
> through to create/get it, and can instead just use the same thing every
> time.

The regular setup of the simulator can be followed by a couple of
cloudmonkey (ACS CLI) commands to achieve this.

> - At least one available simulator template (best-case would be Ubuntu
> 10.04 or 12.04) that can be "booted up" out of the box - for whatever
> reason (I honestly can't tell, from the brief dive I did through the code),
> all the builtin templates come up with isready=false in the listTemplates
> output, which makes jclouds think there are no templates, etc, etc... I
> thought this is because they're all in Allocated state, not Ready, but even
> changing them to Ready in the DB didn't do the trick.

The guest OS is something that doesn't matter to the simulator.
Whatever you ask for will be deployed. One limitation of the simulator
is that it keeps CloudStack 'happy' by telling it it's got whatever is
requested. So any negative scenarios will be harder to test without a
change in the simulator.

The templates issue still exists but with cloudmonkey you can register
your template and it will come to ready state:

cloudmonkey>> register template format=RAW hypervisor=Simulator isfeatured=true ispublic=true
name=tiny displaytext=tiny url= ostypeid=bb62589e-e3cd-11e2-ad39-ea6434daa8ba

> - A fake host for starting fake instances on - this may already be there,
> but I never got far enough to be sure.

Which tutorial are you following to get through this?
Here's the right link:

> The above would at least get me able to run the most recent set of live
> tests I've been working on (testing the new CloudStack implementation of
> jclouds' cross-compute abstraction for image creation/destruction), but in
> the longer term, I'd absolutely love to be able to run our whole suite
> against the simulator - obviously, it'd just be an approximation of the
> real thing, and I'd still try to find real existing ACS setups to finagle
> access to in order to run the tests against real, live setups, but anything
> I can automate is a huge win for jclouds, and I imagine it'd be very useful
> for libcloud, deltacloud, fog, etc as well!

thanks - indeed it will be. I hope to hear more from your tests.


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