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From "SuichII, Christopher" <>
Subject Re: UI Plugin Feature Discussion
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 18:01:33 GMT
I'll work on the patches and get them into ReviewBoard shortly. There is, however, a Jira issue
open for the UI Plugin Internationalization. Could someone please grant me access to assign
that issue to me. My Jira username is 'csuich2'.


On Jul 31, 2013, at 1:30 PM, Pranav Saxena <> wrote:

> Hey Chris ,
> I think whatever proposals you have mentioned here make a lot of sense and
> should help in a better user experience. I would suggest that you submit a
> patch/multiple patches as per your convenience for the above mentioned
> categories and then we can take it forward from there . I would suggest you
> to submit multiple patches for each category because that way it will be
> easier to review and merge your changes. A little explanation of the
> functionality with each patch you submit would be much appreciated.
> Copying Brian and Jessica to further help in facilitating this process
> quickly . Thanks for your work.
> On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 8:56 PM, SuichII, Christopher <
>> wrote:
>> I have a couple UI Plugin related features I'm close to wrapping up and
>> I'd like to throw them out to take some feedback:
>> (I realize this is bad form to discuss the feature after implementation,
>> so I apologize for that. However, everything here provides an optional
>> feature for plugin developers and shouldn't pose any problem to the
>> existing UI.)
>> UI Internationalization:
>> This would allow UI Plugins to contribute their own internationalized
>> strings to the global js dictionary. Each plugin would define a
>> dictionary.js and several dictionary_<locale>.js files. As each plugin is
>> loaded, the appropriate plugin dictionary is loaded into the global js
>> dictionary (with the global dictionary taking precedence in the event of a
>> conflict).
>> Re-usable Zone Chart:
>> I have extended some functions in zoneChart.js to allow plugins to create
>> charts by simply defining their own function which assembles the chart
>> itself rather than having to define the chart in zoneChart.js
>> Dialog value field:
>> Currently, the identifying value of json objects is assumed to be 'id' or
>> 'name' (if 'id' doesn't exist). I have added the option of allowing fields
>> to specify which json property should be the identifying value of an object.
>> Default value functions:
>> Currently, the default value for a UI field must be a constant. I have
>> extended the dialog forms to allow default value functions which are given
>> the standard 'args' allowing default values to be determined at run time.
>> has_units field:
>> I have added a new dialog field type called 'has_units'. This field has an
>> input box side by side with a select box. The select box is populated with
>> predefined units (MB, GB, TB, for example) and uses (also predefined)
>> conversion functions to allow automatic updating of the input box value
>> when the units select box is changed.
>> Please let me know what the proper course of action is from here. Should I
>> go ahead and submit diffs to reviewers or is there any discussion to be had
>> before I do that?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris

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