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From Thomas O'Dowd <>
Subject S3 Configuration bugs
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 09:36:42 GMT
Hi all,

I've a couple of configuration related bugs filed:
	This one is for the configuration of the timeouts related to S3. It is
not clear from the GUI what units to use (or are expected) for the
timeouts. ie, I can't tell if they are seconds, millis, micros etc. When
I first started looking at this I used seconds but ran into some trouble
so I suspect the GUI is looking for millis. Would be great to clear that
up in the 4.2 branch.
	One reason to clean up the GUI above is that once created it is not
possible to go back and edit the timeouts (or any S3 options).
	I've never seen an S3 error in the cloudstack log. All errors such as
timeouts or permission issues etc seem to be lost quietly. This is
probably another bug... However, at least when we are adding S3 storage,
we should verify that we can 'ping' the bucket using the provided
credentials etc as the configuration is added. Currently, adding S3
configuration does not check anything and its very hard to tell (unless
you are sniffing the network or looking at S3 server logs) why stuff
doesn't work. This will likely frustrate users.

I haven't had much free time recently as I got tied up with another
project at work but I've carved out time to test and verify bugs the
first of next week.

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