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From "Han,Meng" <>
Subject [GSOC] cloudstack-agent service and "unable to add host"
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 02:53:47 GMT
Hi all,

In the CloudStack installation guides(both 4.0 and 4.1), it says that 
we need to install cloud-agent.

However I could not find this package. Instead I found a directory 
named "agent" in the CloudStack master branch.

Is it the same agent? How should I run this agent?
Also it is mentioned here that we should configure a couple of things 
after we installed cloud agent 
What configuration do I need to make to the cloud agent? It seems to me 
at least  we should told the agent which bridges the VMs are connected 
to. There is a script called "cloud-setup-agent" under the agent 
directory. Should we use this to configure the agent?

I have stuck on these question for a couple of days. I seems to grab 
pieces from every installation guide I can find to make things through 

Also in the network configuration part:

  We assume that the hypervisor has one NIC (eth0) with three tagged 

     VLAN 100 for management of the hypervisor
     VLAN 200 for public network of the instances (cloudbr0)
     VLAN 300 for private network of the instances (cloudbr1)

I am not allowed to use tagged VLANs on campus, which means my VMs will 
not be able to connect to internet. Is there anyway to work around this? 
Can we use a "flat" network structure?

If we setup these two bridges: cloudbr0 and cloudbr1, how does the 
cloud agent know these two bridges?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

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