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From Sebastien Goasguen <>
Subject [GSoC] End of bonding period, start of 'Work Period'
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 06:53:57 GMT
Hi GSoC students,

The bonding period is officially over, thanks for introducing yourselves, creating the pages
on the wiki and writing the docs. 

Our guide is now complete with the five proposals, congrats on submitting your first patches:

You should feel free to browse through the doc bugs in JIRA and help out fix some of them
since you know how to contribute to our documentation now :)

I will restructure the guide a bit so that you can write your findings in it as well, I will
probably move all the proposals into a chapter and create a new chapter on 'findings'. If
one of you wants to do it, just jump in and submit a patch.

*I want to encourage you to no be afraid to email and chat on IRC, the more active and vocal,
the more you will get from the community and the better your project will end up.* 
Above coding GSoC is about experiencing the community and understanding what it's like to
work in a collaborative open source environment. Don't be shy, jump in...


We are now entering the first work period June 17-July 29th which will end with evaluations
being submitted to Google. So it's time to make sure you understand the issues, have all the
tools you need to solve them, have a plan (set of sub-tasks in JIRA) and then work your plan.

JIRA is good to help you keep on track, see what Nguyen is doing:

@all: I would like to see the same thing for all of you. A set of sub-tasks entered in JIRA
under your main bug id.

@shiva: make sure to claim your bug 

@ian: did you check all the LDAP related issues in JIRA ? it might help you identify problems
and you maybe able to fix some of them already.

Finally, use the wiki to enter some weekly updates. So that everyone sees where you stand.

Thanks and all the best to all, let's get coding now...

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