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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: starting VM and get error of "unable to create a deployment for VM[user|i-2-107-VM]"
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 16:01:37 GMT
Can you check the hypervisor admin guide to see if this version of guest
os is supported ?
Also can u please paste the complete logs (grep for job-626 would work as

On 18/06/13 8:15 PM, "William Jiang" <> wrote:

>We have a Ubuntu 12.04 VM with one disk on shared storage, it was working
>well before but now we saw the error of "unable to create a deployment
>for VM[user|i-2-107-VM]" during starting.
>We saw this kind of issue happened on a windows server 2008 VM before.
>In /var/log/cloud/management/management-server.log
>We got following errors:
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.capacity.CapacityManagerImpl]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) We need to allocate to the last host again, so
>checking if there is enough reserved capacity
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.capacity.CapacityManagerImpl]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) Reserved CPU: 0 , Requested CPU: 1000
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.capacity.CapacityManagerImpl]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) Reserved RAM: 0 , Requested RAM: 1073741824
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.capacity.CapacityManagerImpl]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) STATS: Failed to alloc resource from host: 9
>reservedCpu: 0, requested cpu: 1000, reservedMem: 0, requested mem:
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.capacity.CapacityManagerImpl]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) Host does not have enough reserved CPU
>available, cannot allocate to this host.
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.deploy.FirstFitPlanner]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) The last host of this VM does not have enough
>2013-06-14 12:28:34,362 DEBUG [cloud.deploy.FirstFitPlanner]
>(Job-Executor-16:job-626) Cannot choose the last host to deploy this VM
>Any ideas about this issue?
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