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From Andrew Bayer <>
Subject Using the ACS simulator for jclouds "live" tests - some questions. =)
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2013 18:08:20 GMT
Hey all -

So, at David Nalley's suggestion, I'm trying to run jclouds' live tests for
ACS against a simulator instance, so that I can actually run the full
battery of API tests (including global admin, advanced and basic
networking, etc) without having to set up a ton of CloudStack instances. In
a perfect world, it'd be great if there was a standalone war that used h2
for the DB and had different flags to pass to it for different starting
settings, but I'd be immensely happy to be able to get the following in
place on startup (or an easy script to run to do this on top of the base

- A hardcoded API/secret key for admin, so that I don't have to go click
through to create/get it, and can instead just use the same thing every

- At least one available simulator template (best-case would be Ubuntu
10.04 or 12.04) that can be "booted up" out of the box - for whatever
reason (I honestly can't tell, from the brief dive I did through the code),
all the builtin templates come up with isready=false in the listTemplates
output, which makes jclouds think there are no templates, etc, etc... I
thought this is because they're all in Allocated state, not Ready, but even
changing them to Ready in the DB didn't do the trick.

- A fake host for starting fake instances on - this may already be there,
but I never got far enough to be sure.

The above would at least get me able to run the most recent set of live
tests I've been working on (testing the new CloudStack implementation of
jclouds' cross-compute abstraction for image creation/destruction), but in
the longer term, I'd absolutely love to be able to run our whole suite
against the simulator - obviously, it'd just be an approximation of the
real thing, and I'd still try to find real existing ACS setups to finagle
access to in order to run the tests against real, live setups, but anything
I can automate is a huge win for jclouds, and I imagine it'd be very useful
for libcloud, deltacloud, fog, etc as well!


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