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From Marcus Sorensen <>
Subject Re: event bus details
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2013 05:23:16 GMT
It's also perhaps worth mentioning that the event table (and
event_view) is also missing a column that describes the subject of the
event (the thing being acted upon). Some events contain the id of the
subject being acted upon in the 'description' column, for example
"Successfully completed rebooting Vm. Vm Id: 86", but the format is
inconsistent. Ultimately that's kind of useless for doing anything
programatically, and useless for an admin who doesn't know anything by
id, but by uuid.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:19 PM, Marcus Sorensen <> wrote:
> ok, if they're just bugs then we can help fix them, it just seems like
> the ActionEvents in particular were missing them everywhere, and that
> something else might be going on.
> On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:03 PM, Sangeetha Hariharan
> <> wrote:
>> I had logged a similar bug where the UUID of the user that was disabled and the UUID
of the domain that was deleted is not included:
>>     CLOUDSTACK-1673 - AWS Regions - Events - User disable / Domain Delete event does
not include the UUID of the user/domain that was disabled.
>> -Thanks
>> Sangeetha
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Marcus Sorensen []
>> Sent: Monday, June 24, 2013 9:24 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: event bus details
>> Here's another, when deleting a VPC. I see the details of all of the things it's
doing (removing the router, networks, etc), but I can't tell which VPC was being deleted.
I feel like that '*' under ActionEvent should be telling me the uuid, like that position does
in the other events:
>> [x] 'management-server.ActionEvent.VPC-DELETE.Vpc.*':'{"status":"Scheduled","event":"VPC.DELETE","account":"f668198a-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d","user":"f66f14d8-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.StopRequested.Network.b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236':'{"id":"b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236","old-state":"Running","new-state":"Stopping","resource":"Network"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.OperationSucceeded.Network.b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236':'{"id":"b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236","old-state":"Stopping","new-state":"Stopped","resource":"Network"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.ExpungeOperation.Network.b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236':'{"id":"b18e3e07-aed0-473a-aeb2-bfad00bfb236","old-state":"Stopped","new-state":"Expunging","resource":"Network"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.DestroyRequested.Volume.5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a':'{"id":"5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a","old-state":"Ready","new-state":"Destroy","resource":"Volume"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.DestroyRequested.Volume.5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a':'{"id":"5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a","old-state":"Ready","new-state":"Destroy","resource":"Volume"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.OperationSucceeded.Volume.5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a':'{"id":"5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a","old-state":"Destroy","new-state":"Destroy","resource":"Volume"}'
>>  [x] 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.OperationSucceeded.Volume.5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a':'{"id":"5dca4da7-d428-4f6f-a474-11eee55fdf3a","old-state":"Destroy","new-state":"Destroy","resource":"Volume"}'
>> ...
>> On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 10:11 PM, Marcus Sorensen <> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>>    I've been playing around with the new event bus, trying to see if
>>> it could be useful, and I'm a bit confused about the output. If I
>>> subscribe to all topics, and try to reboot a virtual machine, this is
>>> all I see:
>>> 'management-server.ActionEvent.VM-REBOOT.VirtualMachine.*':'{"status":"Scheduled","event":"VM.REBOOT","account":"f66d4d60-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d","user":"f66f14d8-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d"}'
>>> I see the account info, but nothing about which VM is being rebooted.
>>> If I try to stop/start a VM, I likewise see no details in the
>>> ActionEvent, about the subject being acted upon:
>>> 'management-server.ActionEvent.VM-STOP.VirtualMachine.*':'{"status":"Scheduled","event":"VM.STOP","account":"f66d4d60-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d","user":"f66f14d8-bbdf-11e2-8bb5-52540014c04d"}'
>>> I do however see some details regarding a 'Network' resource, though
>>> if I were to write something to parse this output I wouldn't
>>> immediately know that it was related to a VM (note the 'id' here
>>> actually matches the VM I'm stopping, but there's nothing in the event
>>> to tell me it's a VM):
>>> 'management-server.ResourceStateEvent.StopRequested.Network.d287a0fa-6b3b-4e8b-8fb2-2677778ec32c':'{"id":"d287a0fa-6b3b-4e8b-8fb2-2677778ec32c","old-state":"Running","new-state":"Stopping","resource":"Network"}'
>>> I'm just subscribing to "#", so I assume I'm getting everything, but
>>> I'm just having trouble making sense of the output.

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