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From Ian Duffy <>
Subject Re: [GSoC] End of bonding period, start of 'Work Period'
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2013 08:54:18 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

I have updated the JIRA case for my project to add more steps so it is
like Nguyen's one.

Just after looking through JIRA, results are as follows:

(Resolved) CLOUDSTACK-2287 - Automation:LDAP: Appears to be solved.
tsp added tests for it.

(Resolved) CLOUDSTACK-1172 - Ldap enhancements: Marked of by abhi as resolved.

(Blocked) CLOUDSTACK-1540 - LdapRemove within ui: Blocked due to

(Resolved) CLOUDSTACK-1495 - Change UI field name "bind username"

(Open) CLOUDSTACK-2168 - configured LDAP values not shown in UI.
Commenter says its a regression issues. When I tested this my values
disappeared and a message "No data to show" was given. Querying the
API directly still showed my LDAP configuration.

(Open) CLOUDSTACK-430 - Authentication should support multiple LDAP servers.

(Resolved) CLOUDSTACK-1069 - Workaround for CS and LDAP users to login
simultaneously. Marked as unresolved, appears to be resolved based on
comments. Appears to no longer be an issue in 4.1 and 4.2 based on
comments on CLOUDSTACK-1930.

(Open) CLOUDSTACK-1062 - LDAP integration with ACS user management,
detailed at

(Open) Cloudstack-1213 - LDAP SSL auth failed to setup. On first look
and reading of the error message It appears to be a user issue with
the trustedstore certificate not existing.

(Fixed) Cloudstack-1142 - due to "%" being illegal character. Marked
as big fixed.

(Fixed) CLOUDSTACK-1398 - Failed to update job status. Marked fixed.

(Fixed) CLOUDSTACK-1494 - Showing wrong warning messages. Markd as Fixed.

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