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From Pranav Saxena <>
Subject RE: Gui question about a checkbox
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 04:58:19 GMT
I reckon , you are using Chrome . You might want to check Firefox once and see that the behavior
is different :)

PS: Chrome seems to have some issues with the isReverse attribute defined in the widget. 

Thanks !

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From: Mike Tutkowski [] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:21 AM
Subject: Gui question about a checkbox


I've noticed a subtle problem with certain checkboxes that have fields tied to them.

For example, on the New Disk Offering dialog, there is a checkbox called Custom Disk Size.
It starts out un-checked and a Disk Size text field is visible below it. When you check the
checkbox, the text field goes away. If you un-check it, the field comes back.

This works fine for this field, but the same setup does not work for the Public checkbox right
below it in this same dialog. This checkbox starts out un-checked as well and is supposed
to have a combobox tied to it.
However, you have to check the checkbox, then un-check it for the combobox to appear.

I have noticed this same problem with code that I have added that has two text fields tied
to the checked or un-checked state of a checkbox: The checkbox is un-checked by default, but
you don't see the text fields until you check and then un-check the checkbox.

Has anyone else observed this?


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