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From Prasanna Santhanam <>
Subject [MERGE] Simulator Storage Fixes to master (was Re: How does the plugin model work for storage providers?)
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 15:06:58 GMT
On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 05:18:14PM +0530, Prasanna Santhanam wrote:
> Reason I needed to do this is because I need to get the simulator to use a
> separate spring context and override the default CloudstackImageStore bean. The
> simulator bean has to intercept the template download calls to say everything
> is present. 
> But looks like the dependency graph for this goes up to the
> DataMotionService -> DataMotionStrategy -> DataStoreManager ->
> DataStoreProviderManager -> DataStoreProvider.
> I will push the changes to a branch for review.

This is a MERGE request to include the new storage subsystem support for the
simulator. I'm including this as a merge since it touches some storage code
(minor setters here and there) and reorganizes the Spring beans in
to different bean contexts. With this 4.2 can run simulator and we can
help jclouds run their live tests against the simulator end points as
described in [1]. And Ian to setup his pipeline for the LDAP testing
[2]. And of course to get checkin tests working again [3]

I got spring contexts working by overriding the beans loaded by
management server. I've separated the beans such that OSS hypervisor
related beans go into componentContext.xml and the VmWare and
Solidfire related beans go into nonossComponentContext.xml. 

The deployVM, registerTemplate, downloadVolume operations work fine on
the simulator now along with the checkin tests. I will run some more tests on
the branch later with devcloud and real hypervisors tomorrow and merge
it with master if there are no objections.  

branch: simulatorStorageFixes
rebased on top of current master , will re-rebase if there are any
other changes/reviews. The review-chunks are in the following commits:

a6bb56b10dd25b2b248644e0dbb2a0f394499cee Set all templates/volumes to Ready in the simulator
373dd2b8b9db50c4c5b63ed9ddf419f1296977c1 Don't report back resource state to ResourceManagerImpl
2488694ca8ed2ff5f54dce26e518be9c2e920aa1 Group storage subsystem components for spring
724b3f423016546116a1a0fb499fab9f90658523 DataStore - provider, lifecycle, driver implementations
for simulator




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