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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Re: Infra Issues from the IRC meeting (Wed, Jun 12)
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2013 17:48:57 GMT
On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 11:12:37AM +0530, Prasanna Santhanam wrote:
> Saw a few infra topics being discussed in the meeting and there was
> talk of bringing it to the list so I'm taking this opportunity to
> explain some things behind it.
> > 17:22:44 [Animesh]: I will send out my weekly reminder today on status and include
Sudha's test results 
> > 17:23:28 [topcloud]: one thing that concerns me is that the bvt continues to be
at < 100% pass rate
> > 17:23:41 [topcloud]: is there anything we're doing about this?
> yes - I've fixed most tests. Some have existed because of bugs in
> packaging, systemvm templates that I see patches for now. 
> > 17:25:20 [chipc]: topcloud: was BVT ever at 100% ?
> > 17:25:32 [chipc]: (real question, not sarcasm)
> It was - 100% - when the project was first proposed. But more tests
> have come in since then.
> > 17:26:41 [chipc]: once we get it back to 100%, I say we block all changes when it
drops to <100%
> > 17:26:49 [topcloud]: +1
> +1 - this is what I've been driving towards but haven't announced some
> changes I've made in the past weeks because it's pointless to have
> tests fail soon as I announce we are 100%. We shouldn't wait for one
> run, but at least 10 to ensure that the bvt is indeed stable enough to
> be trusted as a 'gating' system for master stability.

+1 - that makes sense

> There's also a couple of issues here -
> 1. Does everyone know where the tests run?


> 2. Do people know how to spot the failures?


> 3. Do people know how to find the logs for the failures?


> If the answer is no to all this, I have more documentation on my
> hands.

Well, perhaps I just haven't looked either!  I see some results when I
search for BVT on the wiki (
), but they don't obviously tell me where to look.

> > 17:28:07 [Animesh]: agreed bvt also shows progress towards release readines
> > 17:28:07 [chipc]: topcloud: +1
> > 17:28:32 [chipc]: Animesh: BVT should show that master is stable, regardless of
release timeframes
> > 17:28:33 [chipc]: IMO that is
> > 17:28:44 [chipc]: master should only see good  /tested code
> Which is why the BVT runs on master at all times on
> There is also ability to run it against a
> feature branch but I would rather defer that to the release manager
> for now since it's tied with hardware resources and jenkins schedules.
> That feature should strictly be reserved for architecture changes in
> MERGE requests.
> > 17:43:27 [topcloud]: bring back this topic but is bvt running on apache
> > 17:43:35 [chipc]: no
> > 17:43:57 [topcloud]: chipc: is there any talk about bringing it into apache infra?
> It was brought up with the ASF infra back in January and the
> suggestion was to donate hardware to the ASF to manage. So if we're
> prepared to do that, great! But it certainly can't just be Citrix :)
> I'd prefer individual project related test hardware and resources
> to stay in the control of the project. Infrastructure is constantly
> changed to allow features and enhancements to be tested so it's best
> to have it in the core group. Which is why
> came to existence. This is similar to how cloudbees operates or
> (*gasp*) openstack-infra [1][2] operates.
> Ideally, I'd like those interested in infra activities to form a
> separate group for cloudstack-infra related topics. The group's focus
> will be to maintain, test and add to the infrastructure of this
> project. But that's in the future. Without such a group, building an
> IaaS cloud is not much fun :)

+1 - and at least for now, perhaps we start getting more organized
around this via dev@cs.a.o using [INFRA] tags.

Some thoughts I have are: I know that some stuff is being put to use for
the project in Fremont, but I don't know what it is.  I also don't
know what hardware donations might be helpful for the environment, so
that perhaps I could help find something.

In all seriousness, if there is a need, I could take up the question at
$dayjob to provide some testing resources within one of our labs as
well.  I actually think this would be easier to do then a "donation" of
hardware that's not really a "donation" to the ASF.  The question is:
*what's needed* that we don't have already?

> > 17:44:17 [topcloud]: i can't imagine apache wanting bvt to only run inside citrix
all the time.
> It doesn't run within Citrix. It runs in a DC in Fremont. There are
> other environments within Citrix however that run their own tests for
> their needs - eg: object_store tests, cloudplatform tests, customer
> related issue tests etc.
> /me beginning to think more doc work is on my way :/

Well, really, the key is for us to all know about which infra is being
shared for the use of the project.  Stuff that's inside a corp that we
can't all see isn't worth documenting for the project itself.

> > 17:46:27 [chipc]: but generally, the ASF build infra is a bit overloaded
> +1000
> > 17:46:51 [jzb]: topcloud: when you say "in Citrix" - it's still visible outside
Citrix, yes?
> > 17:46:52 [chipc]: so frankly, CTXS donating an environment to run it, publicly visible
to everyone, is quite helpful
> > 17:46:58 [chipc]: jzb: it is
> We need more people to donate hardware/virtual resources for testing :) 
> CTXS has been gracious to provide quite a few resources already IMO.
> > 17:47:18 [chipc]: actually, I think it is...  
> > 17:47:34 [topcloud]: jzb: yeah it's still visible but it really should be runnable
by everyone.
> Not quite. It's a gating system. It runs automatically and shouldn't
> be runnable by everyone at will. I'm still waiting to implement
> devcloud tests based on that gerrit converstaion (which went nowhere)
> we had many months back. DevCloud stuff can be run at will.
> > 17:47:37 [jzb]: I'm all for building up Apache infra, but I also
> > think having vendors donate publicly visible resources that are
> > usable by the community is acceptable.
> +1
> > 17:47:53 [jzb]: in fact, we probably ought to be hitting up some of
> > our ISP friends for more. 
> +1 - who are our ISP friends? Would like to get help on this.

Several of us. ;-)

> > 17:49:49 [ke4qqq]: so tsp (along with abayer and roman) are working
> > on a publicly accessible jenkins instance in fremont
> This is basically to dogfood all instances via a hosted puppetmaster.
> I've just started so will take time to finish this.
> Thoughts are most welcome!
> [1]
> [2]
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