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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Jun 12 17:08:56 2013
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:55:36 GMT
Members present: Animesh, sudhap, dahn, topcloud, kelveny, chipc, ke4qqq, jzb

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status

3. Active Feature Release QA Status

4. Active Feature Release: Doc Status

5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues

6. Active Bug Fix Release: 4.1.1 

7. Master Branch

8. Infra

9. Other topics?

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #

# 2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status #
17:09:36 [jzb]: what do we have on the 4.2.0 status?
17:09:43 [dahn]: chipc: thanks, will read it
17:09:56 [kelveny]: we are targeting to merge vmsync branch 
17:09:56 [Animesh]: On 4.2 there are many open defects
17:10:04 [Animesh]: kelven go ahead
17:10:25 [kelveny]: code changes is targeted to complete by the end of this week
17:10:42 [kelveny]: after that official merge request will be sent to the list
17:11:06 [kelveny]: actually merge may happen at next week if no objections
17:11:26 [chipc]: kelveny: I'm curious about what testing is happening on that branch
17:11:44 [ke4qqq]: BVT at least? 
17:11:51 [kelveny]: we will try to setup BVT test on the branch
17:12:16 [chipc]: that seems like a pre-requisite to merge, when I look at the complexity
of the work
17:12:22 [chipc]: so +1 to that!
17:12:41 [kelveny]: most of infrastructure tests are already done through unit tests
17:13:18 [chipc]: sweet!
17:13:38 [kelveny]: but we do have refactoring changes in areas that is not possible for unit
test, will rely on BVT for integration test
17:13:43 [chipc]: BTW - that's a really good FS...  it made it possible to grok the changes
17:13:58 [chipc]: (or at least most of them)
17:15:13 [kelveny]: that's pretty much the update from my side
17:15:21 [jzb]: thanks kelveny 
17:15:28 [jzb]: Animesh: did you have more?
17:15:56 [Animesh]: yes the defect resolution rate has been more than the incoming defects
so looks like we are getting better
17:16:39 [Animesh]: but still we have large number of open defects, Sudha will also share
test results to help everyone guage our readiness
17:17:37 [dahn]: newbee question about defects, please
17:17:58 [Animesh]: dahn: sure what's the question?
17:18:14 [dahn]: If i use an api in master, and it breaks after an update do I report a defect
in jira ?
17:18:22 [dahn]: or talk to someone off line
17:18:27 [dahn]: or the list?
17:18:40 [Animesh]: filing a defect is best
17:18:53 [jzb]: dahn: is it an API that also works in a release?
17:19:11 [jzb]: I wouldn't necessarily say something's a defect if an API changes in master.

17:19:17 [jzb]: that isn't in a release.
17:19:35 [dahn]: jzb: I have to investigate. I think so
17:19:43 [dahn]: Animesh: does that mean jira?\
17:19:54 [jzb]: dahn: OK. then what Animesh said. :-)
17:19:59 [Animesh]: dahn: yes we use JIRA for defect tracking
17:20:00 [topcloud]: that should be a bug.  comparing it to a previous release provides details
to a bug.
17:20:21 [topcloud]: we shouldn't treat master different.
17:20:49 [dahn]: thanks, all
17:20:56 [dahn]: you will hear of me
17:22:13 [Animesh]: continuing on the release, I will encourage folks to check on 4.2 Release
17:22:44 [Animesh]: I will send out my weekly reminder today on status and include Sudha's
test results 
17:23:28 [topcloud]: one thing that concerns me is that the bvt continues to be at < 100%
pass rate
17:23:41 [topcloud]: is there anything we're doing about this?
17:23:47 [Animesh]: After the feature freeze date 6/28 i will send out daily emails since
we need focused activity to resolve and close our back log of defects
17:24:44 [Animesh]: topcloud: on bvt issues rayees and other have been filing defects that
are triaged daily
17:25:20 [chipc]: topcloud: was BVT ever at 100% ?
17:25:32 [chipc]: (real question, not sarcasm)
17:25:44 [topcloud]: chipc: to my understanding, it was at one point >95%
17:26:17 [sudhap]: Yes - they were 100% before 4.1 but since then we never had 100%
17:26:41 [chipc]: once we get it back to 100%, I say we block all changes when it drops to
17:26:49 [topcloud]: +1
17:26:56 [chipc]: anyway, that was a distraction from the 4.2.0 topic
17:26:59 [chipc]: (sort of)
17:27:25 [jzb]: anything else on 4.2.0 overall status?
17:27:37 [topcloud]: not really...I think bvt not being at 100% is a big part of why 4.1 was
17:27:42 [topcloud]: don't want to see it happen for 4.2.
17:28:07 [Animesh]: agreed bvt also shows progress towards release readines
17:28:07 [chipc]: topcloud: +1
17:28:32 [chipc]: Animesh: BVT should show that master is stable, regardless of release timeframes
17:28:33 [chipc]: IMO that is
17:28:44 [chipc]: master should only see good  /tested code
17:28:56 [chipc]: but I'm repeating myself I think...  so back to the corner for me!
17:28:57 [Animesh]: one more thing on my side was we had a GTM on object_store, john burwell
took the action item to update the dev-list
17:29:23 [jzb]: OK

# 3. Active Feature Release QA Status #
17:29:59 [jzb]: do we need to touch on more w/r/t QA or have we hit on that already?
17:30:01 [jzb]: sudhap: ?
17:30:14 [sudhap]: I am preparing test plan execution summary
17:30:39 [sudhap]: will post it - which should show how much % of existing tests are being
covered and feature wise quality status ( based on pass rates)
17:30:43 [sudhap]: will post it soon
17:30:56 [sudhap]: I have sent compatibility matrix for review
17:31:02 [sudhap]: pl do review
17:31:58 [dahn]: sudhap: this is regarding manual testing?
17:32:04 [sudhap]: Those are 2 topics and I guess automation has been covered already
17:32:17 [sudhap]: dahn: Yes
17:32:42 [sudhap]: Regression pass rates are very poor (for automation)
17:32:48 [sudhap]: working to get those also up 
17:33:07 [sudhap]: jzb: I am done
17:33:38 [jzb]: groovy - anything else on QA, folks?

# 4. Active Feature Release: Doc Status #
17:34:34 [jzb]: we have a ton of unresolved bugs for docs in 4.2.0 right now
17:34:36 [jzb]: 90, in fact
17:34:59 [jzb]: only 17 are unassigned, though
17:35:31 [jzb]: I still need to start a thread on separating out the docs into their own repo.
17:35:37 [jzb]: mea culpa, have not started that yet. 
17:35:43 [jzb]: anything else on docs?
17:36:16 [jzb]: OK

# 5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues #
17:36:41 [jzb]: any additional issues we need to discuss on 4.2.0 that we haven't hit on yet?
Otherwise I'll move on to the 4.1.1 stuff

# 6. Active Bug Fix Release: 4.1.1  #
17:37:53 [chipc]: ok, so serverchief noted that he's going to be limited for time for 4.1.1
17:37:57 [chipc]: so I'm taking it
17:38:30 [chipc]: I'm preparing all of the release version numbers and whatnot within the
4.1 branch now (updating from 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT to 4.1.1-SNAP, etc..)
17:38:41 [chipc]: probably wrap that up today or tomorrow
17:38:55 [jzb]: chipc: do you need any help with that?
17:39:14 [chipc]: if you feel like doing the /docs folder update?
17:39:26 [jzb]: ah, yes. Will do.
17:39:33 [chipc]: rock
17:39:58 [chipc]: we're going to kick out 4.1.1 rather quickly, just to get some critical
ones knocked out...  so limited regression testing is going to be required...
17:40:11 [chipc]: then I'll hand back off to Ilya for a 4.1.2
17:40:12 [chipc]: that's it!
17:40:30 [jzb]: sweet - thanks, chipc 
17:40:42 [jzb]: anything else for 4.1.1 ?

# 7. Master Branch #
17:41:13 [jzb]: anything related to the master branch we need to discuss?
17:41:23 [chipc]: jzb: I suspect that we did that already with 4.2
17:41:28 [jzb]: yeah
17:41:30 [chipc]: since the release branch hasn't been cut

# 8. Infra #
17:41:52 [jzb]: any Infra topics we need to chat about today?
17:42:04 [chipc]: other than the fact that git's back ;-)
17:42:11 [jzb]: that *will* be helpful
17:42:14 [chipc]: ha
17:42:17 [chipc]: yes
17:42:23 [topcloud]: yea!
17:42:29 [dahn]: not for a stable master it won't
17:42:49 [dahn]: (not today that is)
17:43:07 [chipc]: dahn: ha
17:43:20 [chipc]: dahn: I like you already
17:43:21 [chipc]: ;-)
17:43:23 [dahn]: sorry for the sarcasm
17:43:27 [topcloud]: bring back this topic but is bvt running on apache infra?
17:43:35 [chipc]: no
17:43:57 [topcloud]: chipc: is there any talk about bringing it into apache infra?
17:44:09 [dahn]: jzb: we all have our faults
17:44:17 [topcloud]: i can't imagine apache wanting bvt to only run inside citrix all the
17:44:28 [chipc]: topcloud: not that I'm aware of...  but there has been some chatter about
breaking more stuff back out of the overloaded asf build infra
17:44:59 [chipc]: topcloud: the problem is that they aren't setup for that type of thing
17:45:05 [chipc]: and by apache, you mean us in this case
17:45:18 [chipc]: the project is free to use what we need to get on with our business in many
17:45:29 [topcloud]: chipc: yes.  i mean us as oppose to having it housed in citrix.
17:46:15 [chipc]: topcloud: we would have to ask for some improved build infra...  Perhaps
we start a thread to discuss that.  Or have someone broach the question on builds@a.o
17:46:27 [chipc]: but generally, the ASF build infra is a bit overloaded
17:46:51 [jzb]: topcloud: when you say "in Citrix" - it's still visible outside Citrix, yes?
17:46:52 [chipc]: so frankly, CTXS donating an environment to run it, publicly visible to
everyone, is quite helpful
17:46:58 [chipc]: jzb: it is
17:47:18 [chipc]: actually, I think it is...  
17:47:34 [topcloud]: jzb: yeah it's still visible but it really should be runnable by everyone.
17:47:37 [jzb]: I'm all for building up Apache infra, but I also think having vendors donate
publicly visible resources that are usable by the community is acceptable.
17:47:53 [jzb]: in fact, we probably ought to be hitting up some of our ISP friends for more.

17:47:55 [topcloud]: jzb: right now i think only citrix folks can run it.  i appreciate it
but we shouldn't rely on it.
17:48:27 [jzb]: topcloud: hrm. Yeah, that's non-optimal, then.
17:48:33 [topcloud]: jzb: to me donating has to mean community can have control of it.
17:48:44 [jzb]: topcloud: agreed
17:48:53 [chipc]: topcloud: so then the question is, what are the hardware requirements...
 and we can work from there
17:49:28 [chipc]: topcloud: and if we have that, we can start fishing for infra
17:49:49 [ke4qqq]: so tsp (along with abayer and roman) are working on a publicly accessible
jenkins instance in fremont
17:49:59 [chipc]: rock
17:49:59 [chipc]: ok
17:50:17 [chipc]: builds.a.o 2.0
17:50:19 [chipc]: ;-)
17:50:47 [jzb]: anything else on Infra? 
17:51:27 [topcloud]: let's take this to the list.  i don't think we can actually resolve it
17:51:33 [ke4qqq]: we can't
17:51:47 [ke4qqq]: so good idea to take to the list

# 9. Other topics? #
17:54:04 [jzb]: Any other topics we should discuss this week?
17:54:21 [chipc]: not from me
17:55:17 [jzb]: thanks folks. Same time next week!
17:55:23 [jzb]: ASFBot: meeting end

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