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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Jun 5 17:07:13 2013
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 17:41:03 GMT
Members present: digitalsanctum, kdamage, sebgoa, ke4qqq, sudhap, animeshc, Humbedooh, jzb

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status

3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status

4. Active Feature Release: Docs Status
  a. jzb open discussion on breaking docs out into their own repo (jzb, 4)

5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues?

6. Active Bug-Fix Release: Overall Status

7. Master branch

8. Infra

9. Others?

- jzb open discussion on breaking docs out into their own repo (jzb, 17:20:44)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:07:14 [jzb]: ASFBot: meeting start
17:07:24 [jzb]: ASFBot: start meeting
17:07:24 [jzb]: Humbedooh: am I doing it wrong, or is something amiss?
17:08:08 [sudhap]: sudha is here
17:08:13 [jzb]: OK, let's get started

# 2. Active Feature Release: Overall Status #
17:08:29 [kdamage]: haha I am indeed here today
17:08:31 [jzb]: do we have any reports, comments, etc. on the overall status.
17:08:36 [jzb]: ?
17:08:43 [Humbedooh]: jzb: freenode DDoS stuff :(
17:08:51 [jzb]: Humbedooh: gotcha
17:09:29 [jzb]: The good news is the active feature release is now 4.2.0, so +1 to that
17:09:46 [ke4qqq]: 4.1 is seeing a few bug reports that are concerning
17:09:53 [ke4qqq]: particularly the ubuntu libvirt problem 
17:10:01 [jzb]: ke4qqq: shouldn't we hold that to active bug-fix ?
17:10:28 [ke4qqq]: doh - sorry didn't see topic
17:10:36 [jzb]: ke4qqq: no worries

# 3. Active Feature Release: Feature Status #
17:10:58 [jzb]: any reports, comments, discussion on the feature status for 4.2?
17:11:22 [sudhap]: jzb: I went over the features to see which ones do not have QA coverage
17:11:42 [sudhap]: identified 5 stories ( Jira tickets)
17:11:50 [sudhap]: Requested community for coverage - 1 of them has been picked up
17:12:06 [sudhap]: Went over the resolved ones to see progress from QA 
17:12:19 [sudhap]: Majority are progressing nicely but status need to be updated 
17:12:34 [sudhap]: both for open and resolved stories ( Jira tickets)
17:13:18 [sudhap]: Incoming defect rate has been high as expected
17:13:41 [sudhap]: dashboard shows the status for incoming
17:13:56 [jzb]: sudhap: anything particularly concerning, or situation normal?
17:14:05 [sudhap]: Automation pass rates are very poor
17:14:12 [sudhap]: this is a big concern at this point
17:14:26 [sudhap]: blockers that are causing failure should be prioritized and fixed
17:15:11 [sudhap]: There are 19 blockers and 50+ criticals which causes this pass rate hovering
around 70% or so
17:15:58 [sudhap]: Regression pass rates are even worse
17:16:12 [sudhap]: Trying to focus in these are as to get the pass rates up
17:16:24 [sudhap]: Concern is around automation for time being
17:17:03 [sudhap]: specifically around high failure rates - need to bring it up
17:17:05 [sudhap]: I am done
17:17:34 [jzb]: sudhap: thanks!
17:17:41 [jzb]: anybody else?
17:17:56 [jzb]: I think that also catches us up on QA status

# 4. Active Feature Release: Docs Status #
17:18:38 [jzb]: I'm going to start release notes this week for 4.2.0 so it's not quite the
task next time.
17:19:13 [ke4qqq]: We talked about breaking out docs during 4.0 and 4.1 dev cycle
17:19:21 [ke4qqq]: is that something we want to do now that 4.1 has released
17:19:21 [ke4qqq]: ?
17:19:29 [jzb]: and this time I'm planning on only worrying about upgrade from 4.1.x to 4.2.0
as we are asking people to upgrade to 4.1.0 then later from much earlier versions.
17:20:13 [jzb]: ke4qqq: we could, especially since we've moved the release back 4 weeks
17:20:39 [ke4qqq]: might be time to resurrect that thread on the list
17:20:44 [jzb]: #action jzb open discussion on breaking docs out into their own repo
17:20:58 [sudhap]: jzb - we can prioritize 4.1x -> 4.2 but need to test rest of the upgrade
17:21:14 [jzb]: sudhap: test is fine, but I'm talking about what we try to document
17:21:24 [sudhap]: oh ok
17:21:43 [sudhap]: would there be explicit documentation that we are going to drop support
for any of the older versions??
17:21:58 [sebgoa]: I am not sure what the implication of having "separate repos" is/are
17:23:13 [jzb]: sudhap: if we do that, yes. 
17:23:58 [jzb]: sebgoa: has implications for testing, for one thing. Less to download. 
17:24:21 [jzb]: sebgoa: we might want to restructure the guides, too. 
17:24:31 [jzb]: but that's probably best discussed on the ML
17:24:46 [sebgoa]: k

# 5. Active Feature Release: Additional Issues? #
17:25:36 [jzb]: any additional issues for 4.2.0 we need to raise before talking about bugfix
17:25:55 [animeshc]: yes there are large number of resolved issues that yet needs to be closed
17:26:39 [jzb]: animeshc: I think Sudha raised that earlier
17:27:01 [animeshc]: she raised open issues not resolved
17:27:08 [jzb]: ah, OK
17:27:24 [jzb]: animeshc: do we have a report?
17:27:48 [animeshc]: I will send it out today with my reminder, the 4.2 dashboard has all
the info
17:28:04 [jzb]: groovy

# 6. Active Bug-Fix Release: Overall Status #
17:29:19 [jzb]: OK, so let's talk 4.1.0
17:29:40 [jzb]: ke4qqq: you mentioned a slew of bug reports?
17:30:01 [ke4qqq]: the particularly concerning one is the libvirt on ubuntu problem
17:30:38 [ke4qqq]: vogxn mentioned that he had some problems automating with ubuntu - so perhaps
we need to surface that to the list and get some help there
17:30:56 [jzb]: ke4qqq: do we have a Jira for that, or just the mailing list reports?
17:31:12 [jzb]: someone has also reported we're setting secondary DNS to, which isn't
17:31:48 [digitalsanctum]: jzb: i submitted a patch for secondary DNS fix a little while ago
17:32:33 [ke4qqq]: jzb: we need a jira - hoping the original reporter will do so, if not I
will as well. 
17:33:26 [jzb]: ok
17:33:33 [jzb]: digitalsanctum: rock! Thanks!
17:33:48 [jzb]: we'll make sure that is reviewed, I hope it can be pulled into 4.1.1
17:34:05 [jzb]: anything else on 4.1.x?
17:35:11 [jzb]: OK

# 7. Master branch #
17:35:35 [jzb]: anything for the master branch this week?
17:37:03 [jzb]: OK

# 8. Infra #
17:37:13 [jzb]: any Infra topics this week?

# 9. Others? #
17:38:56 [jzb]: Any last topics at all?
17:39:48 [jzb]: alrighty, thanks for joining all

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