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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: Create View Question
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 20:15:18 GMT
It is related to this commit d1642a489ce76e055d60b2caf3ccfe4bb136b745.
Schema-410to420.sql should have one section to define the new volume_view
for 4.2.0. 
CC Nitin here to see if his new volume_view should be used or the one
before his commit in this file.


On 5/23/13 12:50 PM, "Mike Tutkowski" <> wrote:

>I've added a few fields (min, max, burst IOPS) to two tables and - in the
>process - noticed the following view is dropped and created twice:
>DROP VIEW IF EXISTS `cloud`.`volume_view`;
>CREATE VIEW `cloud`.`volume_view` AS
>I assume this is a bug and have removed (in my sandbox) the
>first occurrence.
>If anyone knows of a reason why we want to keep this code as is, please
>me know as this change will otherwise be submitted when I submit my code
>for review tomorrow or early next week.
>*Mike Tutkowski*
>*Senior CloudStack Developer, SolidFire Inc.*
>o: 303.746.7302
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